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  1. @scottishwildcat‌  if he was joking i didnt get it, lol. And I meant as far as consoles. PC and other gaming devices are I expect quite different than console gaming. CM have made some of what I would call the best user friendly without being NFS games I have ever played. It really makes me wonder what has happened. How can a company that was the best in the business of making this type game go so wrong wih the last few titles?
  2. @restapuken‌ In case you didnt know CM is not a new developer we should keep our eye on they have been around since ps1 days and should never have these growing pains.  That is why I for one am so pissed. They have made some of the very best car racing games I have ever played and have no excuse other than greed for releasing a game with this many GAME KILLING problems.
  3. There has got to be a way as consumers we can light a fire under CM asses to either tell us something or refund our money and call this abortion a loss. If anyone has any ideas on what can be done, that would be a good post. I for one am tired of creating new screennames and starting over only to be let down and disappointed.  It Is an unfinished unplayable game tjat has nearly had two months to be fixed and they cant do it. GIVE ME A REFUND NOW! I refuse to wait for no word when they give an " expected " live date. Dont make the date POST WHY WITH NEW DATE OR REFUND ALL THE PEOPLE AFFECT
  4. @V8R3L3NTL3SS1‌  sorry I said SHOULD when his terminology was " expected" surely that is not why you pulled my post? Expect and should go live are fairly the same way of saying if it does not happen dont bite my head off.
  5. I rember him saying (loore) that it was supposed to go live at the end of this week but alsi that it was not written in stone. He was very careful to say SHOULD so when CM dropped the ball we would not all want to lynch him.
  6. @Rallycameraman‌ I believe he was saying they ate making one for new consoles and the current PS3 XBOX 360. F15 will be only on the new gen consoles.
  7. I would also like to add that what do people with no internet connection do?  Is CM going to send them a new copy of game with no bugs? I know its a small portion but there are people that have little or no internet and are pretty much stuck with a broken product.
  8. @‌Naberious  Here are a few.  August 9 news10net August 13. Gametactics August 19.  Auburnpub.com They are just a few long after release and problems. If you read the latest from auburnpub.com they said thet only played about 6 houts of campaign and 6 hours online. But surely we are not the only ones who know of these issues?  If I am wrong and I am special and know more than someone who reviews games for a living. Maybe he should do his best by checking the forums for such games they are about to review to get the full picture and reactions from players who have played it
  9. @Naberious I have left names f sites and I didnt know I was permitted. 
  10. @loore if it is true that the ps fix is ready why are rhey not releasing it? Surely they are not in bed with Microsoft so why not get the fix live first? Seems to me that would be what they would want to do, beat xbox.
  11. Went to a NEW REVIEW released yesterday on this game and you guessed it, not one mention of any bugs or pronlems? How the hell could a  reviewer not hear of these issues or did he just not want to mention them for fear of the big bad wolf knoxking his door down. Disgraceful. I am not saying I dont like the game, but for any consumer yet to have purchased it, I would certainly want to know about them. And I find it hard to believe that the person reviewing the game didnt.
  12. so @pappawhiskey89 you have the new PC patch and it did NOT restore your corrupted save? Doesnt give me very high hopes to get my save restored when they release the console patch. If it does not restore my save I will move heaven and earrh to get a refund. I refuse to wait any longer for CM to fix something that has been going on since release of game.
  13. I set up a racenet account and sent invites to another psn handle my son uses and he has a scroll saying he has an invite but cant join? Im not sure if iread that was one of the dozens of fixes that were listed but its been like that for a month now. And still unable to join. Another frustrating example of how the game is not funcrioning the way its supposed to.
  14. Thanka for the imfo. And as far as they have given us imfo and EA never did, I do not buy any EA products because of other issues with their company. I think that most people have been very patient and put a lot of faith in a company that has released the last two ego engine games with MAJOR ISSUES. I must admit I didnt play grid 2 online very much and did not have any bugs. But that does not exxuse the fact that I knew of them and STILL purchased this game in good faith thay it would not have them. I have not been able ro play this game for several weeks now because of it corrupting for the T
  15. I would like to know how and where you got this list and how reliable that source is. I havent seen any list of what is to be fixed? Not doubting you just curious. I think they shoild have fixed the big issue that stopped us from playing also. That should have been what they were working on. And if this list is true and then they release this fix, what happens when it still occurs? Will they try again or just leave it alone and go onto the next release of another game and screw all of us again like they have with previous fixes? When will a review site or another form of media say somerhing ab
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