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  1. Yeah it would certainly need to be done in conjunction with some adjustments to AI strategy.
  2. Variable weather currently is a great feature but all weather changes appear to be always in one direction which makes it very predictable - ie. dry to wet or wet to dry. What I'd love to see is something more realistic and dynamic - for example a short rain shower that then dries out (do you change tyres or try and survive on slicks?) or rolling showers in a wet race - making it more difficult to know whether to change from wets to inters.
  3. Considering they have added Fanatec signs to the game that aren't there in real life there must be some flexibility. However, personally I strongly dislike the Fanatec signs and the idea in this thread - I think as the official game the track adverts should be as authentic as possible. It's a shame the Heineken non-alcohol signs seem to have been removed in the final game though.
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