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  1. No patch here 1:00pm PST.. But what else is new? Shyte game, Shyte servers = Time to move on.
  2. After my Corrupt Save on my 360, I was able to start over with two separate save spots using copy onto the backup spot every time I finish playing the game. I no longer play any portion except the challenges every week ,without any purchases of vehicles or upgrades to the only car in my garage. This Sucks, but I have almost made a million dollars so.. I guess the fun of car purchase/upgrade will wait for the coming winter..I mean Patch. Most likely a Sasquatch will come by the garden first....
  3.  I do not see how a person starting in the back is causing a wreck in the front by passing "back markers" who are not in the front causing said conflagration filling with the no talent AI, to then destroy any real chance for a podium finish within the limited lap amounts. I wondered the same thing..Did I cause that wreck? And I have to say no, because they were already wrecking by the time I get there and then started ramming me to get thru from behind and every side possible. So I have to say they are the not even close to being a good racing AI, they are just good Nascar drivers. Is the
  4. Racing against Pastor Maldanado and Romain Grosian clone filled field of 11 cars DOES not make this game fun or entertaining especially, with the latest challenges being the biggest middle finger yet (this side the of the many game corrupts, broken and missing paid for DLC, etc....) 
  5. Having a track filled with a bunch of Romain Grosjean's and Pastor Maldanado's does not make a game better, it makes the creators of the AI complete A-holes and would be banned for life if they were actual Drivers.  But it does make this game more difficult and a face punching joy when a race was won by MY clean driving skills or saved correctly.
  6. Thank You for speaking to us and relating the news of a hopeful fix for the console customers coming soon.  I do look forward continuing this game with all of my purchased (broken and missing DLC packs) that don't even show up on my new profile which, thankfully has not been corrupted yet.
  7. Does this DLC contain a fix or a patch unlike the previous DLC which caused corrupted files?  I cannot download ANY files without serious concern for my entire gaming system now due to the inability of Xboxlive and Codemasters to get their heads out of their proverbial back pockets. How about addressing the serious issues with the BROKEN game instead of ignoring that fact and continuing to release more (possibly) broken content,...Any reply will show some empathy towards your customers. Thank You and Good Day.
  8. DO NOT DOWNLOAD DLC!!!!!! It will corrupt your save files permanently and Codemasters are not communicating with the community..Sell this piece of junk game and NEVER come back.
  9. Part of the DLC was fixed today for XboxLive and after downloading... my profile is now corrupted. Last Straw went out and Pre-ordered ForzaHorizon2 and will delete this Pre-Beta Pile of Debris and now walkaway. I wish the rest of you folks out there the best of luck and remember the real definition of insanity is continuing to do something that is always going to be the same floating turd in the virtual punchbowl.
  10. I received a reply from Codemasters via email to explain further what the problem is and my reply went out 30mins ago..So we wait..
  11. Yea, I have that Turd on my forehead feeling as well. The DLC is not the real problem here, it's the lack of response from Codemasters for 3+ days about their own faulty product purchased by their fans and loyal customers...Not Good.
  12. I cannot download the (3) DLC packages that I purchased on July 23, or repeated downloading today July 24,..Soon?  or Maybe a comment about when we might be able to receive our charged products. Thank You.
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