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  1. I stupidly thought selling my Level 49 Civic and buying a new one would A: Fix the Issue and B: Keep the car at level 9, it sort of made sense to me that the more milage on a car the more expensive it would be, if it was only as simple as that, and I think Codemasters really should save our old car levels just in case we re buy, the Cat C cars are probably the best ones to race.
  2. Should of looked before posting this, thanks for the link mate 
  3. When you level up the cars nearer to level 50 they become way too expensive to repair? I had this problem with my Honda Civic Touring Car, got it all the way up to Level 49, but it was getting ridiculous to repair, even when I won races and didn't hit any other cars the  general things that were in need of repair far exceeded my race winnings, has this been an issue for anyone else at all?  Also I foolishly though if I sold the car and re-bought it this would solve the problem, instead I now have a Level 1 Honda Civic again... Real smart of me.  
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