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  1. Finally we have something that Geoff Crammond put in his games (source Steve Hood twitter) https://twitter.com/kaywest663/status/508670649997729792
  2. I thought it wasn't called F1 2015 but 'no name' or 'new gen F1'
  3. I agree as that was the first race after I got the game I wanted to try it but couldn't get round once in the practice session so I turned on all assists and i got round OK but still I'm wary of Singapore as if I jump in to a race with no qualy and then spin after a while I usually have no option but to restart so thats the only circuit I take flashbacks for
  4. Its odd as I have never had this issue as a full spin but I am able to control them however this could just be reaction speed and it is annoying to be pushing and it loses you a few tenths on a qualy lap
  5. TBH if the release date can be in september I don't care when news is released as there will be less time to wait. But the hold back on news could also be that the game isn't fully ready for september not just their excuse of FOM
  6. I doubt that we will will get info this weekend as Steve is going for a weeks holiday however he did say it won't affect F1 so...
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