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  1. good shouts... Thruxton too would be nice... then again so would croft, snetterton, and if they put rockingham on, kill 2 birds with 1 stone as I'm sure thats drag racing too????
  2. xbox 360 ...Repair bills are ridiculous. Every time I race my cat c touring car focus i lose 30% on handlind, engine and Drive train. Regardless of whether I get smashed up or win the race without touching a car or wall. 27,000 to repair EVERY SINGLE RACE. Also, why is it that I have bought all 18 tuning upgrades and lost them numerous times (this has happened on the presteza, mini cooper, focus, skyline, cruze and bmw) So it then costs another 50,000 plus to buy what I already had in the 1st place. Great game let down by a few issues that really cant be that difficult to repair?????
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