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  1. Onikubi

    What new engine will add to the game?!

    It will push forward everything that has been lacking in the past - better AI (that can actually overtake/defend) that is probably modeled after real drivers (so for example, Hamilton and Alonso will go for even the smallest gap, unlike Rosberg and Raikkonen), better graphics (I like the "look" of Codemasters F1 games, but the resolution/frame rate etc. on PS3 has been very bad) and better physics.  And it will allow Codemasters to do many things that they and us have wanted for a long time. I'm sure there are countless of features that they have wanted to add over the years but haven't because the hardware and/or the ancient engine can't handle it. Now it's a blank slate. 
  2. Onikubi

    Prediction for 15' release

    Now they are saying on Twitter that the next gen game will be released earlier in the season. So could be June, July or August. 
  3. Onikubi

    new engine for next gen game

    They said months in advance that "yes, there will be F1 2014 this year, we just can't talk about it yet".
  4. Onikubi

    new engine for next gen game

    Grand Prix. On PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Includes F1 seasons 2014-2015 and classic content. Live the life. Become a Legend. Soon. 
  5. Onikubi

    new engine for next gen game

    Of all the tidbits about the next gen F1 game, the fact that it's not F1 2015 is the most exciting piece of news. 
  6. Onikubi

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    For the next gen F1 game: I know it's not possible to have current drivers changing teams (e.g Alonso to Mercedes) but it would be awesome if we could replace current drivers with classic drivers. For example, put Schumacher back to Mercedes with Hamilton as his team mate.  Or at least do it more subtly.  1) Allow us to create our own driver that can be used in career AND grand prix mode 2) Allow us to choose a face and a helmet -> have Schumi's face and helmet in there 3) After that we can just choose the German flag and have the engineer call us Michael So kind of like the create-a-wrestler mode in WWE games. 
  7. Onikubi

    Prediction for 15' release

    When the European part of the season starts. So around Spain/Monaco.
  8. Onikubi

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    "Early in the season"=right after the circus comes back to Europe. So around May. That's my guess, hope and demand.
  9. Onikubi

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    They will release the next gen F1 early next season -> people moan that it should have been released in October If they released the next gen F1 in October and then released F1 2015 the next October -> people would moan "WHY DOES IT ALWAYS RELEASE THIS LATE?" If they released the next gen F1 in October and then released F1 2015 early in the season -> people would moan "DO THEY REALLY EXPECT ME TO BUY A SECOND GAME SO SOON AFTER THE FIRST?" Some people are never happy. I will come back in November for the next gen info, bye. 
  10. Onikubi

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    So, next gen F1 will be released "earlier in the season". So probably around Monaco or even earlier. 
  11. Onikubi

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    FFS, if they would release the next gen version this fall, it would mean that the game would be released in the fall for the next 8-10 years that this generation lasts. Many players (including me) want the games to be released earlier in the season and this is the only way it can be done.  Recap: - they need to release F1 game every year -> F1 2013 with new drivers, cars, tracks, rules -> F1 2014 on PC, PS3, XO - the next gen game will be completely new and it will be released in the spring. And it's not called F1 2015 because it will probably have some additional content (like 2014 and/or classics). They need at one year between games to develop. If they had released F1 2014 on PS4 and X1 this October, then F1 2015 would be released the next October and so on. But now that the next gen F1 game is released in the spring, then F1 2016 (or whatever) will also be released in the spring. I think this is 100% positive thing.
  12. Onikubi

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Although I'm gutted that I can't play F1 2014 on my shiny new PS4, this is a great decision. It would be very hard to change the release pattern later and now we get the new F1 game way earlier which means that we can play it during the season. And because on PS4 and X1 there are no fees for patches, we will get updates like with other sports games. If the updates are free and Codemasters really put the effort in, sky's the limit. I think this could work.  F1 2014 on the old machines... understandable. I think the license states that they must release an F1 game every year. So they just took the old game and "re-skinned" it. There are like 160 million old generation consoles around the world, some people will definitely buy it. For me, this will be the first Codemasters F1 game that I won't play. I only need to finish L.A. Noire and then I'm done with my PS3 (apart from the single player DLC for GTA V). 
  13. Onikubi

    F1 2014 announcing tomorrow 31.07.14

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddddd... I'm out of here. 
  14. Onikubi

    What Must Be In F1 2014 : )

  15. Onikubi

    simple ideas for future F1 games development

    They'd have to choose between race engineer or commentary. And I prefer RE. They have to choose a style - either you are the driver or you are a fan watching the race on TV. Everything else falls in place after that.