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  1. Everyone doesn't pay the same amount. There's a difference between the empty number you call "price" and its actual VALUE. That's the word you're looking for. Value. 60£ is nothing for who earns a decent salary. But unfortunately in the world there are poor countries, where people don't earn as much, and those 60£ are actually a good chunk of the salary. We're not paying the same amount. But it seems you can't understand this simple thing. EA is the cancer of the videogame industry
  2. This shows how little you know about the world you live in. Grow up, maybe once you become an adult you get how it works
  3. I'm quite sure it will, and it will still be the utter c.rap version they've been using forever, with a non existent bump before the final chicane. But Lee Mather says they have better track data than laser scans 🙄 I wonder if the devs watched Marcel Fischer's series on YT, with him literally destroying Codies for their **** job at making tracks every single year. Can't wait for the recycled F1 2013 Imola version
  4. You need to sign up for the beta testing once they announce it, if they announce it this year
  5. This isn't how it works. In poor countries 60£ are half of the monthly wage. My and your 60£ aren't the same 60£ of an indian or argentinian guy. This is why regional pricing exists, but we know at EA they are greedy *****
  6. Tbh I think they just ignore them. You can't keep releasing games that feature the EXACT SAME BUGS AND GLITCHES of the past game. It shows you just don't care. How long it took them to fix the damn Suzuka bump? 4 years for something that a modder can do in 1h probably. FOUR YEARS. And we still have tracks with bumps that are not there irl, and I have to listen to codies that say that they have accurate track data. Same with bugs, rev limiter, sessions crashing, SC and VSC that hand out random penalties, setups not loaded. But I guess it's down to our connection. 4 iterations and we still
  7. Well, they did nothing in 4 iterations. Multiplayer has been a mess since F1 2017 at least, and the same bugs and glitches are carried over to the next game. They just don't care. Look at that s.hit show called F1 Esports Series. Every single time there were drivers leaving due to bugs. We're in freaking 2021 and we still can't have dedicated servers like AC, or rFactor 2, or any other serious game. And Codies run the freaking esports series, it's just ridicolous
  8. Will the game require an Origin account to work? Like every EA game on Steam.Also what about multiplayer? On F1 2020 it was utter ****, like on F1 2019, 2018, 2017... for how long are you going to ignore our feedbacks about multiplayer? It's been years and we still have the same bugs and glitches
  9. ISI makes, or used to make, simulators. That's why the games were so good. And the EA that published those games isn't the same EA that publishes games today. Back then they didn't have Ultimate Team ruining every sports game
  10. @ChrisGrovesMCM sorry for the ping, but I have a question. The giveaway on Twitter is only for people living in the UK or everyone can enter the competition? Same for the £30 ODEON Cinema gift card
  11. Quick mode should be a series of events chosen by Codies, you go there and play. Then there will be custom lobbies
  12. And more to come on 2pm UK I'm genuinely interested in this game. And there's still that Formula J to unveil...
  13. So what's the Formula J? Japanese Super Formula? A generic open wheeler?
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