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  1. TheWalker17

    Windows 10 only? Well, goodbye GRID then...

    Times change, tech marches on. I don't see what's the bad in this decision. Win 7 is old, is 10 years old. Inbetween MS has released other 2 OS, you can't pretend they keep updating Win 7 forever, it's a waste of time to work on 3 different systems (is Win 8 still supported?). Keeping updated an old OS helps the transition, but it will come to an end. The end is Jan 2020, and Codies made the right decision, Win 7 is old, and after Jan 2020 will no longer officially supported by MS. It's time to move on. You don't want to make the switch? Your problem, free to use (soon) outdated stuff, but then don't complain when the new things don't work. Codies won't go bankrupt because a few dudes put their feet down on their forum
  2. TheWalker17

    Cross platform play?

    Not the same thing. That will be cross platform between 2 PlayStation console. Unless it comes out for PC or Xbox it's not really cross platform
  3. TheWalker17


    It's called logic. Get an higher rank. You said it: people who put efforts in getting better are more likely to be clean drivers. Ok then, a driver who got the S rank put efforts to get that high rank, so he must be a clean driver. Get an higher rank and you're problem will be solved. I'm starting to think that you're that kind of driver that always blame his opponents for a crash, sometimes you may be right, sometimes not, but for you the problem is always the other driver. Oh, and it's not your problem if when I start the game I want to chill with a 5 lap ranked. I said that I want to chill, not that I want a wreckfest, there are specific games for that. As long as I race cleanly I do all the ranked I want, assists or not. If you want everyone to play without assists make some friends online and create a league with restricted assists, you will have all the fun you want. But in public lobbies you'll always find that idiot who drives into the other drivers, all you can do is to get an higher rank
  4. TheWalker17


    So you're still assuming I'm a dirty driver, jeez. I thought you were smarter than this. You literally have the IQ of a stone
  5. TheWalker17


    Oh my ******* ******* ******* god. It's not so difficult to understand: I DON'T GIVE A F.U.C.K. TO LEARN HOW THE CAR HANDLES ON THIS GAME, HOW IT BEHAVES WITHOUT TC, THROTTLE RESPONSE AND WHATEVER IS IMPORTANT TO PLAY WITH NO ASSISTS. I PUT THIS EFFORTS IN SIMS WHICH I CONSIDER MORE IMPORTANT TO ME. This game to me is nothing more than a warm up, or a game where I want to drive and relax, without being focused on the assists level. When you want to relax what do you play? Do you play a game at max difficult or you play something that doesn't require your focus?
  6. TheWalker17


    Ok, I'll try to explain this to you like I'm talking to my 5 yo cousin, since you're level seems this. Every game needs practice, every game. This is a sim? No. Do I care to perform like a pro on this? No. Do I need to put efforts on this to learn how the car handles compared to other games/sim (you know, cars are different from game to game, maybe you can get this). rF2 is a sim? Yes. Do I care to perform okay on that? Hell yes. Do I need to put efforts on rF2 to learn every aspect of the car? Yes. Do you understand or you need a picture?
  7. TheWalker17


    Said the PS4 guy who probably never tried a sim like rF2 or iRacing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Have fun playing a simcade and feel an elitist, I keep my efforts for serious racing games
  8. TheWalker17


    I'm not referring to you mate, tell that to the pro players above
  9. TheWalker17

    60 Seconds is too short for Highlight Reel

    Oh, and please, if you don't want to add nothing of what suggested above, please please give us at least the chance to turn off that annoying music. I want to meet the man that came with the idea of adding this annoying music to the highlights
  10. TheWalker17

    60 Seconds is too short for Highlight Reel

    Just get rid of this useless feature and instead add the chance to save and edit replays. I raced in Monaco 2 days ago, the only good thing that happened (an overtake at Mirabeau Haute) wasn't in the highlights...
  11. TheWalker17


    Again, any proof? I don't think it's a difficult question, you want me to draw you a picture? I don't get this hate towards all assist users. You get rammed? Get good and start from the front rows, or stay there, become a ghost and wait for everyone to pass you and do a clean race, and get an higher rank, higher rank: less chance to find dirty drivers (I'm following your principles, who makes an effort to improve is most likely to be a clean driver, so an higher rank means less dirty drivers because no one would put efforts in getting S rank to ram into people, it's senseless, so get good or start from last place get an higher rank)
  12. TheWalker17


    The point of this thread is clear. If you use assists you're dirty, no matter what. Sir Alex says so, so it must be true. If you don't use assist you are FOR SURE a clean driver, it's impossible you happen to be a dirty driver. Mean and nasty assist users, **** them, they're ruining the experience of our beloved and pro player sir alex, who is for sure a great and clean driver, of course he is, he doesn't use assists. It doesn't matter if he doesn't show us a proof of what he says, our master MUST be correct, we have faith in what idio... ehm, sorry, pro players say
  13. TheWalker17


    I understand and agree about the ping point. Today I raced in Bahrain, starter 3rd, the guy in second was jumping back and forth I couldn't tell what was his real position on track. It ended with him spawning a few meters ahead of me after turn 8 exit and contact was inevitable. There should be a limit to the ping, sometimes it's impossible to race against these guys because you care too much
  14. TheWalker17


    Basically, based on nothing you're saying that NA players are clean, assist players are fooking dirty drivers who play just to ruin your experience. A "fact", and you didn't even show a proof. And no, your so called instinct isn't a proof This is the stupidest thing I've ever read HAAHAHAHAHAHHA. Sincerely, a mid TC and corner racing line clean driver. Get off your high horse
  15. TheWalker17


    So basically you're complaining that lobbies are dead (and you're right, it depends on the time, today at 12pm I raced a couple of races with 15+ drivers) and you want them to have less players by filtering assist and non assist user? When you have lobbies with a few players you merge them, you don't fragment the player base even more