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  1. Dunno if just me, but doesn't seem to feel as good and cornering feels different, feels like the understeer enhance comes in quicker, Yesterday was the first time I played the game(1.08) and it felt pretty good, starting playing it this evening and it felt a bit different, germany time trial turn one was impossible hardly turning and the understeer enhance kicks in and backend goes So went to spa time trial what I did yesterday and it does feel different through the corners, I can't turn as much, and not able to match my times that I did yesterday. Like I said the understeer enhance comes in sooner Please change back if anything has been changed it does not feel as good as before
  2. Can you calibrate the pedals in 2019 like you could in 2017, read someone ask this on the forum as you could not do this in 2018 which I find strange
  3. Dan723

    F1 2019 using same animations since 2015. Why?

    Speaking of animations not changed little nit pick for me is the brake bias change, Its still the manual change by the driver leg animation when it hasn't been like that since 2013 in real life i think, brake bias is changed on the steering wheel, only minor but it's the details