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  1. magpieracer48

    F1 2020 WISHLIST

    Because Great Britain
  2. It’s the 2020 WRC calendar is it not? Just renaming the events to make it match. No news here sadly.
  3. magpieracer48

    Inter-team Driver Transfers CONFIRMED for F1 2019!

    I'll stick to doing F2 championships for now until mid season changes disappear.
  4. magpieracer48

    POLL | DiRT Rally 2.0 Season 3, 4 and more DLCs

    I could totally see this. Perhaps with the exception of Mexico but who knows.
  5. magpieracer48

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    I'll repeat my previous sentence. We knew it was coming before the game was released because, ya know, Codemasters told us S2 would be Rallycross.
  6. magpieracer48

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    Why are people disappointed when we knew before the game was released that S2 would focus on RX? Get a bloody hold of yourselves.
  7. magpieracer48

    DiRTy Gossip

    I don't understand people's disappointment with lack of rally stuff. We knew before the game was even released that S2 would focus on rallycross so it's hardly surprising. Until codemasters said there would be some rally content in the season I was expecting only rallycross anyway so 2 rally cars and arguably the best location from the first game is a great bonus.
  8. magpieracer48

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    Well it won't be any of those so that's an easy one to close down.
  9. magpieracer48

    F1 2019 Images

    Sweet you've played it? How is it? Tell us more.
  10. Got in for the first time. Looking forward to giving feedback with a pad and hopefully contribute some stuffs.
  11. magpieracer48

    DiRTy Gossip

    I only really know how it drove, not a replay kinda guy. Rbr wasn't aimed at you, few posts above it was mentioned in modded form and it crops up a lot.
  12. magpieracer48

    DiRTy Gossip

    With all due respect how it looks is of moot point because the graphics engines and physics engines in games don't always align. Its easy to praise something that is a marked improvement on the previous effort. Also, can people not compare 'modded' RBR when talking about stages and physics. Literally means nothing to a majority of people playing literally any rally game.
  13. magpieracer48

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    Hey I'm not saying it's perfect. I'm saying I don't think it's broken. Big difference.
  14. magpieracer48

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    I've seen plenty of other rally drivers with the complete opposite opinion. Theres no one size fits all. As has been said a million times. Some like it, some don't. Theres no right or wrong, just everyone's individual opinions, which, shock horror, can sometimes be different. Crazy right?
  15. magpieracer48

    Do you want the FFB fixed?

    Cool stuff. Doesn't change my opinion. 💁‍♂️