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  1. Wasn't the question but nevermind. F1 2013 and 2020 for me. Both excellent in their respective ways.
  2. What bugs are happening? I've done like 7 seasons and can happily confirm there doesn't appear to be much broken.
  3. Not sure what EA would have to do with it but ok. The "value" in adding the circuit will be whether it is on the confirmed 2022 calendar or not. Currently the only new circuit for 2022 is Miami. Turkey is only a possibility depending on the situation with Singapore.
  4. 99% Certain that it has already been confirmed the new race weekend structure will not be included/changed with the 2021 cars inclusion.
  5. What even is this thread? Of course it is never going to happen, licensing, cost etc, FOM won't want it, FIA won't want it. Why don't you just go buy Forza or Project Cars or something.
  6. Game is absolutely fine. The AI are excellent as I come to expect from them now, still comfortably the best racing AI in any game right now. The handling has a nice balanced feel to it now after the understeer fest of 2020, setups feel like they have more effect now as well for me. Controller feel and certainly smoothness is a lot better than previous game. I personally like the fact that the kerbs are aggressive and you have to think about your lines, theres a little bit more character to the circuits and the cars which do level it up a notch over 2020 here. Generally it's a very good F1 game
  7. Maybe I'm just very lucky. Or I'm in the majority who aren't complaining about it because it is working for them. Who knows. And frankly, who cares.
  8. There is no fuel burn mode, the "fuel mode" as we put it is locked in from the start of qualifying. So there will never be a fuel burn mode or anything like thatxadded in to the game because it isn't a thing.
  9. Doesn't take 4 threads. Also, I don't have issues. Must be your connection.
  10. Oh no, your DD wheel didn't work right out of the box, my heart bleeds. There's a couple of minor niggles but to say it's unplayable is just totally incorrect.
  11. Has it ever been an option? I've never seen an option. Such a weird forum, everyone complainf about how unrealistic it is then complaing they can't turn off rain. Bizarre.
  12. I think 90% is extreme. Maybe 20%. I really enjoy it, I understand why some things are missing, there are improvements across the board. Hard to be unhappy.
  13. I think these photomode onboards look really cool.
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