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  1. magpieracer48

    F1 2020 Preorder Bonus Query

    Its just some in game currency, its hardly the end of the world. They said they're working on a fix so let them work and chill out.
  2. magpieracer48

    Still haven't received my Pitcoins

    Its being sorted, they've said Nimrod its being sorted, its been said in multiple threads its being sorted. Show some patience.
  3. Its optional. It's not there to force you buy stuff. If people choose to do it thats on them. No need to be such a jack*** about it.
  4. But they haven't done it to charge people. You can just not buy them and earn them in game instead.
  5. Its entirely optional. Everything can be earned in game through just playing it. Paying for it is a viable option for people who just want everything straight away. Not being forced on you at all.
  6. magpieracer48

    DSQ from Tyre Change Master Thread

    I wonder if its linked to progressing to Q3. I hadn't come across the bug at all using 25% races until I got to a race where I progress to Q3 for the first time and the bug reared its head. Didnt get out of Q1 for my next race so I'll see if it happens again.
  7. magpieracer48


    Why are people going on about Aragon? Weird. Won't happen for 2020 but I think considering the next title will likely be next gen, similar to how they did with 2015 by combing 2 seasons, would be cool to see an authentic 2020 season as part of that game including the circuits like Mugello and more should they be added. Bulks out the game nicely along with 2 seasons of F2, 2 seasons of F1, would be a massive thing.
  8. magpieracer48

    Podium pass tier upgrade

    The black boxes? That just indicates there's only 1 item for that tier, not every tier has 2 items.
  9. magpieracer48

    Podium pass tier upgrade

    Not in the tier section no. Everything there is unlocked.
  10. magpieracer48

    Podium pass tier upgrade

    Not sure for each level, it gets more everytime as it unlocks every tier up to the one you want. I do know that 15500 unlocks everything from zero to 30.
  11. magpieracer48

    I love this game

    The game is outstsnding as a whole. 1 or 2 patches to fix a couple things and It will be perfect.
  12. magpieracer48

    Lighting and shadows downgrade on foliage

    Interesting read from Digital Foundry. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2020-f1-2020-the-best-series-entry-yet
  13. magpieracer48

    DRS Assist

    Something I may end up doing.
  14. magpieracer48

    Driver Customisation

    They should change when you change the sponsor colour on the car.
  15. magpieracer48

    Mugello to be raced in 2020

    Double season in the next game would be a great idea.