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  1. Makes me feel somewhat better than I can only get with 5 or 6 seconds of you in the daily challenges.
  2. You're embarrassing yourself with your lack of knowledge.
  3. I have the app so it notified me of 2 codes for pitcoin. One for the initial 15k and an extra one for an additional 5k. If you dont have the Xbox App you may have missed the message sk check your xbox messages. Good jobs Codies.
  4. Issue identified, working with MS, will be sorted imminently. Pretty solid info.
  5. Eh. Still a great game but you'll never find out. Its perfectly realistic anyway, Chonky Chonk Racing Honda dominating F1 qith Michael Schumacher moonwalking the podium every GP not realistic enough?
  6. You won't know until closer to the end of the season. I'd bank on this either being retirement or he's changing team and the gane has blocked him off.
  7. Nice. Bit of a Leyton House feel to it.
  8. Who's laughing at them? You? People will play the game how they want to play it, as the previous chap stated, he uses the lines to help hkw he needs to play, other peolle will have other issues. Yeah the multiple account thing is weird but criticisng the use of a line is just ignorance really.
  9. Random selection of pics from my first few weeks with the game.
  10. Cool to see some awesome liveries. I do think mods should be posted elsewhere though. BMW Sauber Late 90s Jordan Early 2000s Jordan Early 2010s Sauber Stewart GP Late 90s Mclaren Late 2000s Mclaren Toyota F1 Early 2000s Williams Early 2000s Arrows
  11. No I've said you're wrong, we've been told already it won't happen and why, there are plenty of other threads that have covered it. Its getting seriously boring now.
  12. Xbox here. No issues at all.
  13. Pointless thread with stupid demands and **** list of reasoning. It can't be done, end of story. Best we can hope for in terms of experiencing these tracks is a 'covid calendar 2020' season as part of F1 2021, and even then I think thays pushing it for get 4 new circuits done. Get real and pipe down.
  14. After my first season: Grosjean and Raikkonen retired Mercedes: Bottas, Hamilton Ferrari: Verstappen, Leclerc Red Bull: Ricciardo, Albon Renault: Kvyat, Ocon Racing Point: Russel, Stroll AlphaTauri: Perez, Gasly Alfa Romeo: Vettel, De Vries Williams: Latifi, Giovanazzi Haas: Magnusson, King Mclaren: Sainz, Norris MyTeam: Me, Aitken Thought they were some interesting changes. Happy with the results.
  15. All for the occasional classic circuit but I don't find any of the choices exciting. Hockenheim maybe in its old guise. But really proper drivers tracks like Imola, or tracks relevant to the classics available. Sepang for example. I'd be happy to see them just create aspic versions of circuits already in the game, woukd be a lot less time consuming save for some trackside objects, Silverstone, Spa, Monza. Chuck in some more gravels traps and make them less forgiving.
  16. I guess by the nature of the game thats exactly how it is. You are the owner driver..
  17. Think its just to do with Velo and their BAT associations enforcing the change in Hungary.
  18. M-Sport ABR1 - Renault Team mate - Jack Aitken And a special GB influenced special livery for the British GP
  19. Yes there is. You activate from the replay...been in there since 2018.
  20. I think anyone who complains about the updates should have to wait an extra week.
  21. Can anyone who has had the bug happen confirm if they reached Q3 in the GP it hit? I run 25% races, 7 races into MyTeam and I've had the bug hit me once at China, which conveniently is the only GP I've reached Q3 in. Could it possibly be linked to the Q3 tyre being locked in or just something to do with Q3.
  22. Well they must have made a good game if we're onto these kinds of pointless complaints already.
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