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  1. What even is this thread? Of course it is never going to happen, licensing, cost etc, FOM won't want it, FIA won't want it. Why don't you just go buy Forza or Project Cars or something.
  2. Game is absolutely fine. The AI are excellent as I come to expect from them now, still comfortably the best racing AI in any game right now. The handling has a nice balanced feel to it now after the understeer fest of 2020, setups feel like they have more effect now as well for me. Controller feel and certainly smoothness is a lot better than previous game. I personally like the fact that the kerbs are aggressive and you have to think about your lines, theres a little bit more character to the circuits and the cars which do level it up a notch over 2020 here. Generally it's a very good F1 game
  3. Maybe I'm just very lucky. Or I'm in the majority who aren't complaining about it because it is working for them. Who knows. And frankly, who cares.
  4. There is no fuel burn mode, the "fuel mode" as we put it is locked in from the start of qualifying. So there will never be a fuel burn mode or anything like thatxadded in to the game because it isn't a thing.
  5. Doesn't take 4 threads. Also, I don't have issues. Must be your connection.
  6. Oh no, your DD wheel didn't work right out of the box, my heart bleeds. There's a couple of minor niggles but to say it's unplayable is just totally incorrect.
  7. Has it ever been an option? I've never seen an option. Such a weird forum, everyone complainf about how unrealistic it is then complaing they can't turn off rain. Bizarre.
  8. I think 90% is extreme. Maybe 20%. I really enjoy it, I understand why some things are missing, there are improvements across the board. Hard to be unhappy.
  9. I think these photomode onboards look really cool.
  10. Can't say I've felt a difference between them in Grand Prix mode. As others have said it only changes the options available, not the actual physics.
  11. Sounds that way. That suits me personally, be cool to switch it up a bit each season. Should keep an ounce more replayability than F1 2020.
  12. No not really. Just discrediting and clapping back at people who have unrealistic demands and don't read.
  13. Here's one from my first round of pics.
  14. magpieracer48


    It's not happening. It's a fact thay has been around for a long time. Imola, Jeddah, Portimao, yes. Melbourne, Spain, Abu Dhabi, Turkey, no. It seriously cannot be any clearer than that and has been that clear since about April, or whenever the game was announced.
  15. magpieracer48


    I didn't say it made it right, you could argue all day whether it does or doesn't. What the knowledge does is it very much makes it your choice as to whether you go ahead and purchase knowing this or not. You can't have the knowledge, buy it anyway, then complain about buying an "unfinished" or "out of date" game, when you knew what you were buying. And it wasn't just in these forums, basically every major gaming website had interviews with the team and virtually every single one confirmed this. Those spending extra to buy deluxe versions and preorder the game will have done at least a small a
  16. magpieracer48


    It's been known for months that the new layouts and tracks wouldn't be there at launch. Nothing new. People could choose to not buy it but have anyway. The 3 circuits being added will come soon, new layouts will get implemented next year for the new game. There's more than just liveries as well, new car models obviously. Every track has had a visual overhaul, new damage modelling, new lighting and textures for next gen etc. There's way more than "just liveries".
  17. No, it really isn't. It's an option, which as per the name, is optional, don't use it. Simple. This just all looks and sounds like operator error. The fleshy bit in front of the screen. Rather than an actual game issue.
  18. Quoted from an interview Lee Mather gave. The basic core damage physics are the same but it's much more visually pleasing on next gen. "You'll also have the ability to use the new triggers on the PlayStation 5, they're a really great feature. "You'll also be able to get the improved visuals on the damage model. "So we've now got a much more intricate damage model in F1 2021. But the player who is playing on the next-gen platforms will get to see a visually more striking damage model. "But the actual physics of it will be the same, you'll still be damaging the same compone
  19. Another not strictly relevant comparison showcasing the standard series S gameplay with the Ray traced replay shot. The 2 examples I did on the previous page were subtle but the effect is more noticable in wet conditions. First is regular, 2nd is Ray traced.
  20. No issues here. Bear in mind some of the new visual damage is next gen only.
  21. Same. Its there but its marginal and again probably a limitation of the engine not really being designed with it in mind. Here's some comparisons I did to highlight. Slightly more realistic colour depth, darker shadows and material refractions with Ray tracing but its minimal.
  22. Probably could without Ray tracing.
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