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  1. Judging by this LONG standing issue with corrupt saves I'm starting to think their hands were actually physically tied when coding this game...typing with their noses and wearing blindfolds. This is absolutely inexcusable.  To all the codies taking offense to people on these forums trashing on you I say:  you should be offended.  It should make you downright upset that your company allowed a sub-par product to leave the development office.  You need to realise that all of these people who are trashing you are your customers--the single reason you still have jobs.  We h
  2. Right... I have been hearing that for over three weeks on these forums... meanwhile my roommate lost his $20M in cash and about $10M in cars.  I have been fortunate and my save game is still intact but it is reprehensible that we keep hearing this "a fix is coming" bullshit.  THREE WEEKS codeshafters, THREE... oh but you're okay with it because you've already made your money off of us right? Pathetic.  I have been a loyal supporter of the CM racing games but this the last straw for the long list of their games with this problem. You've lost my business, GlitchMasters, and I'm su
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