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  1. I think that's a must-have, it'll make the experience closer to reality, and puts the 'official' into the title. It'll actually make it feel official for once...
  2. I think the EU parliament is behind this Martini lark. This game is rated 3+ yes, but is a six-year-old really going to go out and down some Martini or Smirnoff? If push comes to shove then they should surely just have the 'Racing' livery from Bahrain indeed...
  3. I don't get why FOM is to blame, why would they hold it back? An F1 game draws attention to the sport, not the opposite. If I was FOM, I'd be giving Codemasters the green light every time, all the time... :\
  4. I did actually propose this idea once but was accused of being a troll. I'm sure I've seen an interview in which highlights their intentions to bring the release date forward in the year. There would be more time to commit to the game, cancelling out more glitches and adding more features. You think they'll get the AI pecking order wrong? Tyre behaviour? This, that and the other? The chances are they will, but why should that be a dilemma? There's these magical things called patches...
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