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  1. Yeah I always use DDU before installing new drivers. In-game defaults to ultra but it doesn't matter if i run ultra or low. I've spent many many hours trying to fix it, but when your job is literally fixing computers you don't really want to come home and spend time trying to diagnose issues. The fix will only come from Codemasters side, but I've seen people have this issue for a few years and Codemasters have never done anything about it. I've had every Codemasters F1 game but can't see myself buying the next one if this isn't fixed, which is a shame as I love the game itself. I appreciate your help though Don't know how to hide text on this version of the forum so I won't post the DX, nobody wants to scroll past all of that lol
  2. Yep, tried with my GPU and CPU on stock clocks, no joy unfortunately and without Afterburner running
  3. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    Nope, but then I've given up with the game after 60 hours as the stuttering/freezing issues is pissing me off too much to play it. Also Cocemasters just ruined the ai, they no longer fight you as idiots moaned they were too aggressive, so now it's boring.
  4. Patch is live, still no fix for the stuttering/screen freezes on PC and no info that you are actually looking at it. 61 hours on record but I'm pretty much done with it, as it consistently ruins my races. Shame as apart from that it's excellent, but I can't keep playing with it like this.
  5. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    And we shouldn't have won. When the ball hit stokes after the throw, the umpire gave 6 total for the boundry and 2 runs, but the rule is it's only a run if the batsman have crossed each other before the ball is thrown. So when the ball was thrown the batsmen hadn't crossed for the second, so it should have been 5 runs, still I'll take it lol.
  6. Still nothing about the mad stuttering/freezes that last between .25 to .50 of a second on PC. It sucks that i'm getting an average of 140fps and this happens regularly. In SP it's fine, I can just rewind but in multiplayer there's no rewind and worse still it freezes your car in place, so when it unfreezes you are .5 of a second further back from where you should have been. It's not my hard drive or specs, as it's on a M2 SSD. Win 10 6700k 4.6ghz 16GB DDR4 2070 rtx
  7. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    Managed to get someone F1 racing in with Dave, but for me it was marred with the game freeze/lag I get in the game where it freezes for like .25- .50 of a second. But online it happened more often and had a huge impact, because online when it froze it froze my position so when it unfroze I'm further behind than I was before... This issue has been in the game for a few years for a lot of people but Codemasters have done or said F all about it and its making me angry....
  8. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    He was weird, but a good kind of weird, miss the guy. I wonder why he disappeared #MakeRohanGreatAgain lul
  9. Hughesy

    The PC Thread V2

    Well here is the new cooler, really the only change apart from it actually working is its RGB. Weirdly the pipes are thinner than the old one, must be a performance decision as doesnt look quite so nice.
  10. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    Am I the only one here that wants to see his setup and full collection?🤓
  11. Hughesy

    What was your last purchase

    So I've had had to buy a new Corsair water cooler. Ever since changing cases the water flow seems to be blocked, leading to high water and CPU temps. Moving the case around sorts it out but it'll only get worse. My current one was sent for free from Corsair after my previous one broke and it was actually and upgraded one. So they probably would have done the same but I dont want to have to send it and wait. So bought the RGB model, probably is it comes with the RGB fans but I already have them, dont sure it my case can do push pull config due to the way the radiator mounts.
  12. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    Yeah, they are very expensive, but well worth it.
  13. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    Oh right. The only thing that worries me about Astro is they are now owned by Logitech, they make terrible headsets, so the next version of the A50s could be rubbish, but the current ones are awesome.
  14. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    What Astro model did you have? The A50s are super comfortable and probably the best gaming headset you can buy. A40s are a cheaper version of them.
  15. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    So after going back to using my Astro A50 headset I now have buyers remorse for the Steelseries Pro gamedac. The gamedac selling point is high res audio, but games dont use high res audio, only certain music and movies do, so you never have that enabled when playing games. The A50s are just better throughout the whole audio spectrum. The only thing that sucks is the battery life of my current ones as they are old. Kinda hoping during the Amazon sale later this month the newer version of A50s go on sale. Steelseries pro are still amazing, its just that the A50s are on another level, especially if you buy Dolby Atmos headphone key to use on Xbox and PC.