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  1. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    Have the older people here ever gone back and listened to music you grew up with as a teenager? I just did, Slipknot, this song in particular brings back memories of being at a friends house who's dad built a skate park as he was also a skater. We'd have this on full blast, this one in particular as it pumped me to try new tricks that I hadn't attempted, this time a reverse 540, I landed it but fell back and knocked myself out. Couldn't have been for long as when I woke the song was still playing 😂 This is one of their tame songs, but it was actually the drums and base guitar that drew me to this song. Warning: Some swears
  2. Hughesy

    need a f1 beta code plz

    Wrong section, and you don't get one for asking. You had to apply for it, and the deadline has past. The game is out soon anyway.
  3. Hughesy

    What was your last purchase

    This keyboard, as I spilt tea on mine and well it went weird lol https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0791B7T83/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    Well I nearly had another accident with a motorcyclist, if I had music on I probably would have. A tight road with a 20mph speed limit, just enough room for a car. I could hear a motorbike sounding like it was going fast, sure enough he comes around a blind corner in the middle of the road doing at least 60mph. If it wasnt for the fact I heard him coming he would have gone over my bonnet. They like to blame cars for their accidents and death rate, yet it's very rare that I see a motorcyclist doing the speed limit....
  5. Hughesy

    The Formula 1 Stuff Thread

    I'm so bored of Formula 1 and it seems everyone else here is as well. Yet again Ferrari have dropped the ball. I'm now having more fun watching other motorsports like Indy Car, BTCC and Blancpain.
  6. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    I bought Assetto Corsa Competizione today, it's not fully released until the end of the month but I couldn't wait any longer. VR needs some work so I'm just using my monitor for now, one issue is you cant control all the menus with a wheel, so you need to use a mouse, problem is in VR the mouse cursor doesnt show up lol.
  7. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh at that. Something similar happened after I dropped @RevolvingPrawn off after Silverstone, except this was on a motorway. I flashed my lights and then pulled up beside him and beeped trying to warn him his wheel was on fire, but he didn't slow down. I gave up as it felt dangerous trying to warn him, I don't like motorways in the dark as it is.
  8. Hughesy

    The Stuff Thread

    My local Kwik Fit is good, but then I have a friend that works there.
  9. Hughesy

    The PC Thread V2

    Keeping up my post streak lol. New PC case and fans look amazing. Wires in the second pic arent in the PC, they are just my keyboard and mouse cables. Edit: Oh **** I think my Corsair H115i CPU cooler has issues. So when I first changed cases there was a waterflow blockage as water temp shot up. Moved it about and heard a noise and the flow was ok. But just now water temp shot up again with one pipe hot, I think there's an actual blockage. But as it's a sealed unit there's nothing I can do about it. Making me want to build my own custom waterloop again as this is the second Corsair cooler that has done this, this one was actually an upgrade that Corsair sent me for free after the last one broke.
  10. Hughesy

    What was your last purchase

    Finally finished building it, took a million hours because just like my last Corsair case there isnt enough cable management room, but even worse is it doesnt even have door clips or anything so if its pressed agaisnt any cable it wont close. Still the result is awesome. 20190502_194130_1344x756.mp4
  11. Hughesy

    What was your last purchase

    Finally getting rid of my Corsair 780T case as it's doing my head in. Spending £300 getting this case along with extra RGB fans for my watercooling. The setup will look similar to this except I don't have RGB ram. When I upgrade my CPU and motherboard, that will be when I get new ram. Had my 780T case since 2014, I loved it at first, but now I don't really like the style and the rear door wont close completely no matter how I do the cable management.
  12. Hughesy

    Official Football Thread

    Yeah well this takes the ****. Not a few hours after being relegated some of the squad and the assistant manager Paul Terry were out on the **** all happy and smiling. I have seen more former players like Paddy Madden saying how bad they feel for the club than current players
  13. Hughesy

    What was your last purchase

    Decided to buy Monster Hunter World on PC. I have it on Xbox One X but even that struggles. I would have been happy with a 1080p 60fps mode but that isn't a option. On PC I should get 120fps+
  14. Hughesy

    Official Football Thread

    Well after being 2-0 up against Northampton and being outside the relegation zone, we drew 2-2 and are relegated with a game to spare. I'm gutted, I hate football right now. From the second tier in English football, to non league in the space of like 6 years....
  15. Hughesy

    The Game Thread!

    Yes it's a different OS, Win7 vs Win10. API is a totally different thing, developers have to use a said api, most choose DX11 still, some allow for both but Mass Effect only uses DX11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Application_programming_interface