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  1. @sjsharp2010 Well I dont think you have researched it if you think it's a gimmick. Watch this video and tell me it's a "gimmick" Its biggest leap in graphics fidelity in a very long time. When I switch between no ray tracing and ray tracing in control its like a new game.
  2. Bought a really expensive wireless mouse to leave me cracked at Fortnite lol
  3. Really late here, but yes I have Gamepass for PC and only paid £1 for 12 months due to a deal they had if you already had gamepass for Xbox. Onto another subject, Codemasters or whoever did the port did a fantastic job porting Autosport to Switch, it looks phenomenal for the platform and even has a 60fps mode.
  4. A: Ray tracing does work with the 10 series, but they don't have the cores so performance is much worse. B: It's not a gimmick, I suggest you read up on what it does, it literally gets rid of all fake effects so lighting, shadows and reflections are real time and not baked. Every single game in the next few years will have it including next gen consoles. If you watch Control in particular it takes advantage of ray tracing the most with most parts of the game affected by it, without it the game looks pretty meh.
  5. *** why is the game thread archived and thus closed?
  6. I bought control 3 days ago, its amazing! Bit of a mind bender, but yet another great game by Remedy. With the ray tracing it looks phenomenal.
  7. LMAO Australia bottled that test match
  8. I seem to be unlucky with Corsair PSU's, this one has pretty bad coil whine. After the amount of work I did to get it setup, I'm not sure I can be bothered to replace it, I wear headphones when gaming anyway.
  9. @couger1981 My last Corsair PSU on lasted a week, but I just got unlucky. Most of my PC and peripherals are Corsair.
  10. New PSU and red braided cables. Simply because since getting this case I haven't been able to shut the rear door a theres not much room and the case only uses weak magnets to shut rather than latches or thumb screws. The main problem cable is the motherboard power, as that cable in my current one is too thick.
  11. Yeah, he just slides into my DM's though as he loves me 😂 The car park alone for Silverstone was £50, that is insane
  12. Tickets to watch F1 at Silverstone next year with @RevolvingPrawn
  13. So uhh I seem to get getting really good at Fortnite on PC now. Last night I came out of Tilted Town where you cant build with 12 kills, but as usual with high kill games I either mess up or the game screws me. When I first switched to PC I really struggled, but now I'm confident in 1v1 fights. A streamer named Happy Hamlet Hughesy Hamlet as I always drop there and come out swinging. Only a 2 kill arena win but could have been more if not for mechs stealing my kills. Cant play now due to a migraine, but I need to grind to get to the champions league so I can play in the cash cups
  14. No idea as I've never been, I'm such a helpful person. Btw have you guys ever been past those signs that show your speed? They are good fun as they arent speed cameras. They only seem to have two digits though, so I'm not sure what happens if you clock 100mph as you go past lol
  15. New shoes. Not only are the shoes 🔥 But so was the girl that delivered them, sadly I'll never find someone as fine as her who feels the same way about me lol.
  16. Damn he's not streaming, but we have 1 arena win so far lol.
  17. Going to be live on this channel tonight 9pm playing Fortnite trios arena with two guys who are pretty insane at the game https://m.twitch.tv/ennipc/profile?desktop-redirect=offline_channel
  18. He normally stream 9pm Wednesdays, no idea if I'll be playing with him then. But we are going into creative mode to help my building, as that's still my weakest area. I can tennel easily now where you build, edit and keep moving forward without slowing down, very useful for when you are under pressure. It's funny as really I haven't played the game properly for that long, as when I started on Switch I didnt do much building or editing. So I'm picking it up pretty fast.
  19. @Lukedfrt You can hear him in the clip, he's the one that is louder, not sure what is accent is. He was streaming that night, it's the only night of the week he streams. Its funny as a few days prior he killed me in a custom solo game and now we are team mates lol. I thought I would be quiet and not say much as he was streaming, as I sometimes have a problem with my speech because of my condition, but it was cool and my speech was fine. That game was probably the best I've played, Its not often I slay, partly due to skill, partly due to my condition affecting my hands, but for
  20. We all dead. That's awesome bud
  21. I finally have a team mate in Fortnite. First time playing together and we had 2 wins out of 13 games, not too bad, especially as I'm used to solos. He lives in your neck of the woods @Lukedfrt
  22. Someone I know has been given access to create custom matches in Fortnite, 2nd game I won and also watched the host fall to his death in front of me lol.
  23. The war cry when I leave home without him lol. Excuse the ugly ass wall at what was my parents house, currently in the process of having the whole house redecorated. 32DCB19D-582C-4C3D-975E-34C5FD7E452E.MOV
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