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  1. This is probably more of a idea for the future games rather than something that might be implemented now, but I personally would like to see global hot lap rankings established for all car class/courses and used to set the grid, regardless of time in lobby or points standings.  (Player lvls are linked to Gamertags, but irrelevant to pace, would rather see global Hot Lap rankings coded to/displayed by Gamertags rather than player level. Heck, I am more interested in the opponent CAR lvl than the player lvl. )  Perhaps knowing that all players in front at the start are faster pace
  2. Gridileaks bootleg video of CM programmer decision on mirror implementation. CM denies this meeting ever took place, but as the video clearly shows, several top executives were present at the time the now-infamous "First Rule of Italian Driving" decision was made- http://youtu.be/AjGXn249Fc0   :p 
  3. Global hot lap rankings, ala Forza4, for each car class and track layout, would be my preferred grid order, regardless of time spent in lobby. These times are generated any time a player runs a car class/ course... SP, racing, hot-lapping, etc. After each race or hot-lap session you can immediately see your time, the global top 10 or so, and a message "You are in the top X%". I think this might also establish a bit of respect among the grid, as players would know immediately that all those in front have run a better time.   Setting a minimum qualifying time for various lobbies, ie. D
  4. I played GAS since release with no major issues. Today however I was barely out of the grid in my first online race when I realized my wheel buttons had remapped to default settings (First gear forever!)  and the advanced wheel settings had also defaulted.  Then the game froze on the results page following two online races and after restarting the console (xbox), each time I had to reenter all the wheel buttons/settings once again. Also, I am not certain, but I don't think any of the races/results/rewards I gained in the sessions just prior to lock-up registered on my accou
  5. That makes sense, I certainly wasn't better, though I did have a top grid position due to my time in the lobby. Not a crasher and not cheating. I wasn't trying to block the faster cars on the straights, but I did take the line I thought best in the corners if it was clear,  and being in front at the start, I am sure there was a lot of scrambling/scraping behind me. I suppose I assumed this would be a realistic challenge, similar to a certain Brit who managed to get past several slower cars recently in Hungary, without crashing them or banning them from the track. Based on the online races
  6. Thanks, I hadn't checked out the custom rooms yet. I suppose I'll need to get set up with a headset to do this properly. I have gotten three "sorry" messages (and one death threat!), Not sure how to msg while playing, I had to wait until I was back on the console (quit game) to read them. It's all fun, just trying to "read the crowd" so to speak. Thanks again. 
  7. Just started online multiplayer yesterday. Fantastic fun, although I seemed to get bumped (RAMMED!) by many overtakers no matter how much room I allow, even on the straights.  Drivers did better in TOURING than OPEN WHEEL in giving space and racing clean, which surprised me a bit since I expected more contact in the touring cars. Today I had been in a racing lobby for a while with other racers coming and going over a couple of hours, there was a period when there were only 4-5 drivers, then all new drivers filled up the grid and after the first race I got KICKED? I may have been the only
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