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  1. pad user still sadly :( but it feels like the handling is a lot easier than 2013...pretty sure we all expected it to be much harder than what it is currently. But comparatively many of the turns where u can just let go of accel for a bit and take the turn requires actual braking now due to lower downforce? and weirdly some of the turns that required braking can just be done off throttle, this might be due to the modified ERS? In 2014 when u let go of throttle the rate of deceleration feels much higher than 2013. Also AI's seem to have proper breakpoints now but during quali they dont really move out of the way, the penalty system during qualis seems to be tweaked as well. And the first lap of the race is still horrendous, the AI's break SO early and go wide if possible on turns. Overall the pace of the AI during the length of a race seems much faster than before.
  2. Setups are actually much easier now lol no more gearbox...only part of my setup i really had to work on in f1 2013, rest were basically 1-1/11-11 etc etc
  3. Hope they dont charge full price for 2015...at least for the ppl who purchased 2014.
  4. ggyl

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Try the other trial account, there are 2 trial accounts information listed on the site. One of them seems to not have the oceanic servers. I did not buy/pay anything to use the free VPN service
  5. Have you been watching this years' F1 races? No manual KERS what-so-ever. why are u cutting out the 2nd part of my sentence where i state its not CM's fault? "No manual KERS or gearbox adjustment(not CM fault) makes it much easier as well".
  6. ggyl

    R&D in Malaysia - rain

    I had similar problem doing 3 consistent lap times. The rain let up after like 5-6 laps in and it became dry conditions.
  7. ggyl

    Avalaible on steam !!!

    Not sure if this is going to get me in trouble for posting this here but: http://www.reddit.com/r/Borderlands/comments/100r72/do_you_live_in_europe_heres_how_to_unlock_the/ Use that "guide" and instead of using US server select a Aussie server, of course you wont be able to play online till it gets released "officially" in your region. Lots of ppl on consoles in NA are already playing as amazon and other distributors decided to ship it out on the past monday.
  8. Tire Degradation - 25% Race - CPU does 7-8 laps on options while I can barely manage 5-6 on options and 8-9 on prime. CPU have absolutely 0 pace loss with race progression on old tires.                                50% Race -  Exactly same as 25% CPU does the same stint length that you do on a prime, once again with 0 pace loss. On that note about tires: what is the point of having dynamic weather in a race when the CPU wont switch from dry tires midway through the race even when track is completely wet. It is hard enough to keep tire temp high enough during a regular dry race. Fuel Consumption - Start with "aggressive" before race start. Use low mix for the first 2 laps gives you +2 laps of fuel on your status screen. When you switch to "high" mix you stay above optimal for ~10 laps. Handling - All the hype about the extra torque does not seem to affect handling...in fact I feel like f1 2013 had more wheel spin off turns if you smashed your accelerator ( with all assists off). Overall feels like 2014 is MUCH easier to drive. No manual KERS or gearbox adjustment(not CM fault) makes it much easier as well. Edit - Feels like so much hate towards CM after I re-read through this post... <3 CM for making amazing racing games but feels like each year f1 series is steadily getting worse :(