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    The Future at Codemasters

    I wish a Drift game with a mixed handling from DiRT 3 and GRID 1. It includes Gymkhana (with an parcour generator and editor), Drift Challenges and various fun modes (like Outbreak and Transporter from DiRT 3, Sumo from DiRT Showdown, maybe Demolition Derby and so on ... all what needs car control). And forget things like the trick assist. (I would like to be the Game Designer, because CM doesn't know what the important things are. It's sad to see, when a good concept is beeing destroyed (look to DiRT Showdown).) For the F1 series they should go more to simulation handling, make it possible to drive every meter of every session and to complete the moments out of the car (like the presentation ceremony). In F1 2013 they began to integrate historic F1. Much more important would be the seasons of the previous years, so you can play a real career. Many of us are waiting for DiRT 4. The motto: back to the roots. Less arcade handling and long stages. Maybe they can get someday the official WRC licence. CM is not my prefered choice for this, but Milestone is much more worst. They made no longer an open world game (the last one was FUEL). At the moment there is no game in the sub genre of "Underground" ... ;) General: » Bring (at least for PC) back the text chat (voice chat is no substitute and should be possible to disable), but not as minimalized version (it's important to see the chat-history, to chat furthermore during loading screen and so on). » More thoughtful and ergonomic menus. » More detailed multiplayer mode (own room names, all settings visible without to join, search filter (storable), select car before start, ... community groups (let players manage who can play with "us")) » Single Player career in fictive games should be more real (seasons and so on) and not just a concatenation of events. » cockpit views must be standard