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  1. gawd i hope the f1 2015 doesnt have the same OLD hud and graphics from 2010-2011-2012-2013-2014 use the realistic hud as on REAL f1 races!every year we get that lame hud that looks like a rfactor reject mod
  2. i still have f1 championship edition! but no play station :neutral_face: 
  3. anyone see why this can't happen? only major difference in rules from 2014 to 2015 is the standing restarts! same cars.... same tracks... just tired of getting yearly f1 games at basically the end of the season. it is like getting madden football a day before the superbowl and, codies may want to get it out when project cars is released in march
  4. i kind of figured good ol f1 2014 would be like this. im skipping this version, i dont care if it lands in the bargain bin by christmas. if project cars rocks i might just forget codies f1 2015, but who knows. by the time they release it i may need a f1 fix with proper tracks this time next year
  5. i think if there is no news around spa. i give up on codemasters and just stick to  rfactor and iracing. both  of their "coming soons" come way quicker than codies
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