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  1. Actually I dont know, because I really felt betrayed by CM, I did not bought F1 2013 because I bought me a PS4 directly to the start and get nothing from CM....all other companys make an remake like Tomb Raider, The last of us etc. but CM still thinks they need no next gen. And why betrayed? Because in 2013 they told that F1 14 would look awesome and come out for next gen and what now? The only thing is why I dont know if I buy 2015 is, that they aren't completly stupid at CM, they know that no one would buy F1 14 and that's why they did not make advertising like years before...so it looks to
  2. Guess I'm a bit late for this but here are mine for career mode: Bring back the live the life of F1               Give me the oppertunity for choosing my numer that I want to see on my car! And also the name of mine and not of the driver who usually sits in that car! Also I would like interviews after the race on the podium like in real I want my agent back, who waits for me after the race in my motorhome Please do make succes bars like Rookie to Legend for complete progress of the career, make one
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