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  1. Wow... So you are the only driver that are able to change.... Soooo real...  I will try to imagine something while playing to justify that.
  2. Why it's not possible to have current drivers changing teams?!
  3. I would like to see some more changes next seasons.  It is awesome today to see teams power changing, and the idea of be able to know which team will be probably better next season is always great! However, I think drivers must change too. They should change their teams, and change their habilitys as well. You also could take some drivers from GP2, F3, etc. and allow teams to hire them. I know this must consider a lot of things to work well. But it is boring to see the time never pass for anyone else in the game. There was a game for PS2 and XBOX that made some thing like that. "F1 Challe
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