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  1. Thanks for posting this up D4ZZL4R For anyone that may be interested in joining us for this championship or if you want to know more first before signing up,  I'll post a direct link here to our forum thread at AOR, The link will give you lots more information regarding the structure and race information regarding the championship taking place. We've already had our first round and it was a great success and thanks to everyone that has taken part so far, the racing was very fast paced and extremely tightly matched between all the drivers,We expect the championship to go all the way to the wire. Our next race is due to start for our 2nd round on 18/02/2015 Here is a brief overview of what to expect should you want to join us and take part. Round 1. Mount Panorama - Touring / Cat A - [11/02/15] Round 2. Circuit of the Americas GP [Night Race] - Endurance / GT Group 2 - [18/02/15] Round 3. Hockenheimring GP - Open Wheel / Formula B - [25/02/15] Round 4. Sepang International Circuit - Tuner / Super Modified - [04/03/15] Round 5. Spa-Francorchamps GP [Night Race]- Mclaren F1 Cup / Mclaren F1 GT - [11/03/15] Round 6. Red Bull Ring GP - Street / Super Car [18/03/15] Du7cH.
  2. Dont suppose there's an achievement for that or are we stuck with just the 250 one  :(
  3. Can't see it happening if they have finished patching and adding DLC to autosport they won't add another track no matter how nicely anyone says "pretty please!"
  4. Du7cH

    a heads up on custom lobbies

    Great racing with you guys last night, had some fun fast racing, even if the muscle cars average a 3 minute lap around spa :P  look forward to jumping in another lobby again soon. 
  5. Du7cH

    upcoming games on xbox one

    I went through this dilemma myself and the underlying factor for me as a racer was the wheels that are available for both consoles, so i worked my way backwards and choose the wheel then the console as on the most part most games are released and available across both. there really are only a few choices tbh xb1= tx 458 or ps4=t300 I've eventually went with the t300, T3PA's  and the ps4. and I've been trying out driveclub but wouldnt waste my effort on the crew, Overall i'm enjoying the new title and challenges but as my prefered type of driving is track events, driveclub doesn't quite cut the mustard but enjoyable enough, i'm really holding out for project cars mostly and seeing if  CM gets F1 right before parting with any cash, But I'll be returning to Grid mainly because i have a few months of xbl remaining, catch you around :D 
  6. Du7cH

    Donnington and Silverstone add on

    Yeah a lot more people would have them if the DLC pack wasn't over half the price of the current full game. 
  7. Du7cH

    xbox one

    But you were s wiseman in hindsight, as you just brought the game after it had taken an age for CM to finally fix it and be playable. we all suffered tremendously with the constant freezing caused by a patch to fix other issues, Yeah i'm with you on a new grid but i hope lessons have been learnt here and a playable game is released not something thats nothing more than a public beta we have to pay top dollar for and fix later.  
  8. Du7cH

    Little, but big things that kinda bug me

    Things that wind me up while playing are not having a fix all button but having to fix each part of the car separately, cars not showing if you've already brought them of not, lack of garages for cars you've already purchased via DLC then CM having the balls to only allow you to buy them from the garage with in game money but you have to buy a garage to put it in, I've already bought them with sterling £££ there has to be a BS reason there not automatically placed into additional garages in game. and then there not having a full track map or real sector/lap times shown on the osd, the list goes on and on but these aren't anything we all don't expect from a decent racer these days and not to much to ask for
  9. Du7cH

    Thrustmaster T300RS Support

    *Rant warning.   The problem as i understand it, is microsoft for xbox and Sony for playstation are just being greedy and wanting there nose's deeper in the money making trough forcing us all to replace perfectly good and working peripherals for the latest consoles, The hardware is licenced, and to be licensed and certified the hardware although physically possible and compatible with the consoles needs this security chip (money making device / security/encryption chip) to be compliant and retain further licence agreements with the console corporations and thus make the hardware work and talk nicely together, Without this chip they risk not being able to make any further money with the latest generations of consoles and the hardware moving forward in the future, so they stuck between a rock and a hard place, continue to support the previous hardware and their loyal customers and make it compatible with an adaptor of some sort including a security chip to allow communication (which would never be allowed) and shoot themselves in the foot doing so, BYE LICENSE or play along and pee off all  there previous customers and force them to replace perfectly working peripherals making more money and keeping everyone rich into the bargain having to buy new again, Previous consoles hardware is now only good for landfill and no hope of any compatibility due to forward facing strategies by the guys at the top of the corporations making the consoles. Thanks 
  10. Du7cH

    GAS Freezing

    There are, and xbl is having a few  issues atm due to DDoS attacks atm thanks to these jokers  Lizard Squad #LizardPatrol    http//www.neowin.net/news/xbox-live-experiences-second-outage-this-month-039lizard-squad039-decrees-it-offline http://support.xbox.com/en-GB/xbox-live-status
  11. What gets me with the last few party racenet challenges is the targets are as near to impossible as it get for anyone, There just unrealistic targets for a platinum award , If you dont believe me check out the leader boards. Nobody minds a challenge but it has to be obtainable by mortals. 
  12. Du7cH

    Perfect Mount Panorama - Lola B12/80

    If you want any type of respect from any of the hard core racers you'll have do a clean lap without "wallgate" and drop it on the top spot, forget what others may or may not be doing and concentrate on your own race craft, just because you can get away with it doesn't mean you should. But this brings up the point of why its possible in the first place and just brings me to despair, can't be a lot to ask for track limits to be limits and walls to cause at least some damage  
  13. Du7cH

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Either that or 1/2 the price of the touring pack as an xmas offer, (class it as a late black friday deal)  The only reason i won't dig deep and buy it is the fact i race for the majority online as do many that play and not many people have the dlc to make it worth while, the GAS online community have been hit hard with people migrating elsewhere during the freezing issues  I would gladly pay £5 for a couple more tracks but the cars i aint fussed about tbf . worth a thought ? Merry Autosport. 
  14. Du7cH

    13mb update 02/12/14

    @loore I was on the online playlists last night for around 3+ hours with the only minor annoyance i noticed was longer transitions between loading screens and an odd thing with in game chat, is that it stutters as though the games going to freeze when completing a race and jumping back to the lobby  then carries on just fine and dandy. so you lose a second of anyone chatting in a game lobby between screens  but if  thats the cost of having this game fixed its a very small annoyance indeed. Thank to the team for fixing this addictive racer at least now it can be played with friends and online, without having that bloody game freeze lottery when entering a lobby. 
  15. Du7cH

    Aor boosting

    Id like to disassociate our team [AOR] www.ApexOnlineRacing.com from  these guys, We are well established team and have been pretty much since the launch of the game. WE do race clean close and fair and can be found in many an online lobbies as many of the guys here know  Someone using the same initials as another team is bound to happen at some point with only being able to use 3 letters when creating a team, but i'm sure NutUPorSHUTup and everyone at All Out Racing will appreciate we have no plans on changing our well established and respected team name.