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  1. It's been 31 days as of today that I received an email from Codemasters saying that I finished in 1st place for the Intel Challenge, I still haven't received my computer yet. I live in the United States so I thought it could take longer for Codemasters to place the order to Cyberpower. So my question to you guys, have you received your prizes yet? The wait for this is ridiculous.
  2. Yes Steve, I did receive an email. I jist checked my inbox. Thank you Codemasters.
  3. NASCARfan88jr

    GRID Autosport // Eibach Challenge

    I'm pretty sure the UK can enter the challenge. If your country is not  eligible in the terms and conditions well that fine, because Codemasters will keep you in the challenge anyways. They think (CM) that Germany is part of the UK according to the last challenge. 
  4. Steve, yes they said I came in 3rd. I sent CM a message explaining the situation on how Germany is not eligible CLEARLY THEY ARE NOT!
  5. My previous comment, I meant to say "They said" instead of "I said" meaning Codemasters.
  6. Totally agree Charger. It funny when I they say people from the USA, UK & Canada are only eligible. 1st and 2nd place are not from there (PSN Leaderboards). Codemasters should be specific on entrants eligibility,  also what should be allowed on track like wall riding etc. Congratulations on all who have one something in the Intel Challenge,  I hate feeling like a sore loser.