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  1. Just praying for more manufacturers to have joined the WRC by 2023 (Subaru, VW, Citroen, Peugeot, Mitsubishi etc). And for some classic rallies to be part of the championship like the Acropolis Rally(The proper stages in Fthiotis f.e. SS Tarzan, not the **** they ran in Argolis), San Remo(SS Langan), Safari Rally etc. With the WRC licence they can surely do many things the could not do before, so I am expecting big things.
  2. So when are we supposed to get news about the game?
  3. The mixed class rallies is all that DR2 needs to be left for good as a complete and truly fascinating video game experience. This and a few last patches to fix some glitches or small animation issues, maybe record the real Lancer Group A and Lancer R4 sounds and that's it. It would be really interesting to host a rally in clubs and have R5, R4 and Group A cars racing each other for top honours for example.... Surely on slow gravel rallies the performance is very similar. 🤔
  4. Because I think I started all this mess by asking for the DR2 handling model to be available in the New game😬, I wanted to say that whatever the handling model is, as far as you can understand what the car is doing and have no problems adapting to the controls, the main thing is for the game to be fun and exciting like Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 and DiRT 3. If it is really good then handling will not be an issue. Because anyway, I am expecting a thrilling rally simulation by Codies in the future by the name of DiRT Rally 3. So yeah there is no point in arguing about certain things that we ar
  5. I just hope for the new DiRT game is innovative in some areas, like using older stages from Colin McRae rally games , for the Rally locations in the new game. Or even the return of Trailblazer and Raid Rally But the same handling as DR2.0 refined , even as an option
  6. I believe the logo marks a transition from the old to the New, from Dirt Rally 2.0 to a New style game, possibly arcadish, but nonetheless a New installment in the series. Would Love it to be a reboot of Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 or Dirt 3(but with the same music😉) like they did with the Grid Series
  7. I Just want this remastered do be honest 😂😂😂
  8. Indeed its quite interesting🤔. Let's wait until Thursday to see more news!
  9. I am getting some serious Colin Mcrae Dirt 2 and DIRT 3 vibes. Either that, or "the future of rally" phrase tells us about Electric vehicles something like that.
  10. @PJTierney Can't you guys make a patch for the game where you will be able to set up a rally in a Club and have the ability to mix several classes. For example be able to choose either an R5,an R4 or an Group A car? That would be cool.
  11. @PJTierney This car in kit car class 🔽 And an S2000 Class The old Subaru and Mitsubishi Group N from Dirt 1 in the NR4 class
  12. I personally miss the service Park cutscene from CMR3 as well as the start ramp cutscene at the begining of the rally. Also, I really miss the Super Special Stages in the older games. With the modern tech, the SSSs could be awesome. Just imagine for a sec, playing DR3 for example, and driving an SSS in the Athens Olympic Stadium like in real life back in 05/06. Also, as an idea for adding more stages easily, Codies could Just remake Stages from older CMR games and add them to the New game.
  13. This was the Best together with CMR2.0
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