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  1. m260602

    PS4 PRO 4k Samsung TV Blurry

    Yeah the graphics are really out of focus and not crispy, so much hope for the graphics in gameplay and we get this..... Shame
  2. m260602

    DR2.0 Standard PS4 graphics

    The graphics while playing are really foggy and not as crisp as in other consoles. Maybe if the team could make an update to ensure more crisp and rendered graphics for the normal PS4 version would be nice... Thank you
  3. BUG : When you play RX with the Opel Corsa 1600 and you shift gears while turning in a corner , the driver's hand keeps showing the animation of changing gear again and again.
  4. m260602

    Question about DLC

    When i buy the standard edition of the game, will the DLC updates be free, or will i have to pay for it later as add-ons?
  5. m260602

    DR2 Cars question...

    Soo....Why can't Codemasters get 2017 gen Rally cars in the game???
  6. m260602

    If you were to add one DR1 venue as DR2 DLC...

    Just imagine... Driving through the tough Greek stages in DR2.0 at dusk, while it is raining, with the ruts created on the road if you are running last.... Horror Mudbath GalorešŸ˜‚
  7. m260602

    If you were to add one DR1 venue as DR2 DLC...

    The thing is, now that codemasters showed as the 'season one' content in Dirt rally 2.0, we can expect Greece, Wales and Finland in later 'seasons'. The question is whether the DR1 rally stages are set on new roads or the ones from the first game itself.......
  8. m260602

    Dirt rally 2.0 stages

    Do the stages in the game exist in real life just like Dirt Rally 1 or not?