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  1. These are problems I noticed after playing the game for the first time with the New Colin Mcrae Flat Out Pack. First of all Phill Mills(Codriver) in the Scottish stages sounds like he is whispering the notes to you through an old Microphone, this needs a fix, as well as the pacenotes which are not correct for most of the stages Secondly, I noticed that all the intro effects in the cutscene-- when the game is loading the stage (stage cutscene) after you select the car you drive-- are all missing and the game feels glitchy. Otherwise this is an awesome update but it still needs a few patches to sort out. Thank you for your time.
  2. m260602

    Colin McRae Rally 3

    This was the Best together with CMR2.0
  3. I Just can't stand playing with the Fabia WRC while it sounds like the Focus Rs 😳 and the Citroen C4 borrowing the Mini WRC sound from Dirt Rally 1
  4. m260602

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    If the could split the 2000cc class in Modern1 (Impreza 01 and Focus Rs) and Modern2(Fabia, Impreza 08, C4, Focus Rs 08) the Impreza S4 would be competitive enough for Modern1
  5. m260602

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    Praying for a 2001-2002 focus livery without the Martini logos
  6. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    It is, I sae the upload first, it said Perth and Kinross but they changed it
  7. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    Look at the location of the video Edit 5 minutes after: the changed the location to hastags. It said Perth
  8. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    Just for the sake of it 😂
  9. Since the trailer's droped and we are waiting for the S3 Impreza.....
  10. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    So what's the second one then?
  11. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    It cannot only be one car, maybe a few more cars from the late 90s-early 00s era and a New location or New stages
  12. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    Just kidding mate relax 😜
  13. m260602

    Something is coming closer...

    Something that is not free is coming.......
  14. I do not know what is wrong here, either the AI are unusually fast 9n a straight line or the player's car is slow compared to the AI that have normal straight line speed.I tested this in Monza with a Ferrari and not only did I have a perfect start and the AI passed me like i was a rock in the river, I also couldn't catch up to the car in front with 1 -1 wings.
  15. I mean the game feels really rushed. Whenever i play a RACE with other cars on the track the frame rates are a disaster like 35 frps nowhere near the 60 frs target.Codies really have to patch things up.....