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  1. is this only on pc or can it be used on console as well
  2. Im on ps3, haven't noticed anything wrong with the volume, but I play with headphones so that could do something to the sound
  3. hammyfan123

    Question about F1 2014: Safety Car and rain

    does this work on ps3?
  4. hammyfan123

    It's in the bin!!!!

    same. it's not a perfect game but it is still fun to play. Dont see why people keep complaining.
  5. hammyfan123

    Stop telling me that my tyres are cold!

    I've only had it when I come out the pits but then I just spin the wheels in second gear to get the tyres warm
  6. All the people who have actually played f12014 have actually said that the ai is significantly improved so stop complaining, no game will ever be perfect
  7. hammyfan123

    Career mode

    Hope for F1 2015 codemasters focus on career mode and online as that's what most people play.
  8. Unlimited because I make lots of mistakes. Also, some people may choose 0 flashbacks if they want but others may want to use them so for me, the more options there are, more players will be happy
  9. hammyfan123

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    I know, I don't play online very much but when I do there is always one person who is hell bent on ruining everyone's race
  10. hammyfan123

    F1 2014 Singapore Hot Lap

    Codemasters obviously don't want to show us how the cars handle but they are trying to make us happy by incorporating more T-cam. The only problem is that whenever they show us T-cam is when the car is going in a straight line. And anyway, how can people judge how good a game will be by watching a hot lap with lots of camera changes. In my opinion you judge how good a game is until you have played it. For some people they may think that it is a modded f1 2013 but play it at a mates house (if they have it) and then think about buying the game. If you don't like it, don't buy and if you like it, buy it. Simple as that!
  11. hammyfan123

    Bit Dissapointed...

    Suzuka 89, Adelaide 94, Jerez 97, Monte Carlo 06, Monte Carlo 14, Spa 14.. as much as Hamilton wishes he was Senna, Rosberg has the kind of ruthlessness that won Schumacher 7 titles. Lewis doesnt stand a chance. and you're dreaming if you think Codemasters will put that into a game, they cant even get the basic AI pecking order correct. No doubt there will be "licencing issues" involved as well, as FOM likely own the rights to any perceived subjective driving style/traits/characteristics displayed by any driver, thus would have to be licenced for use in the game (which Codies cant afford regardless of charging full price for copy and paste games) I know, im just making a point. a few years ago codemasters said they were putting driver traits in the game and they never seem to have done it, that's all. I just thought it was quite a handy example considering I thought about it yesterday and that happened yesterday.
  12. hammyfan123

    Bit Dissapointed...

    Totally unbiased comment there totally
  13. hammyfan123

    Bit Dissapointed...

    hopefully codemasters make the drivers have realistic traits that stand out e.g. rosberg doijng anything he can to not get in to a wheel to wheel battle with Hamilton because he knows Lewis is a better driver and he can't beat him :)