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  1. For me this only occurs after global challanges/rivals get the weekly update. I can do 2 or 3 challanges and then contact is lost for some time with racenet(online race is unaffected). After 1 or 2 hours it's back to normal again. Maybe it's a traffic issue? People that wanna do the new challenges + new rivals getting drawn? Altough i believe that they aren't updated at the same time. Running the PS3 digital version.
  2. Did asked the same question some time ago and the answer i got from support was "Afraid we have no further news on a patch at this time". You can read that as "No this won't get fixed" and with the new GRID game coming in june i really don't think there will be a patch coming out in the future.
  3. If you still need some you can add me. Racenet: NecroSerum ps3: Necro1982_Serum
  4. I could be wrong but the following are my findings based on my experiences regarding rivals. As a rival, every online event is counting. (it's not explicit for global challanges) So it's possible that he didn't do the global challanges but only participated in one of the 4 given playlists or custom playlist and still beat you in overall xp earned that week.
  5. I have the G25 and tried it, but i choose the controller above the wheel in GRID2. At first i was thinking that i didn't set it up properly but after some checkups and tries i came to the concolusion that there is total 0 connection with you and the car when using a wheel.
  6. Regarding lap counting problem: 1 week ago i got respons from support on my question if they gonna fix that. Answer at that time was: We have no further news on a patch at this time.
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