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    Bad drivers

    @mobileracingfan Why did you put my name on the rammers list?
  2. Hafijur

    Bad drivers

    @BjornIdiot It looks like you won the duel as winner doesn't actually mean the other person won. It looks like you won the points as you won by 0.01 as duels start at different positions.
  3. Hafijur

    General feedback from a Newbie

    For new players starting now its extremely hard to win duels. If you go to Elite league 1 with a basic car, opponents have 4-6 seconds advantage just going straight. Even when you think you won around 2 seconds up, they have such a fast car on tracks like Shanghai or Spa, they will just drive into you so you lose. 800-1000 rated car vs 2000-2200 is unfair imo. I have seen players win duels going off track every corner just because there car made around 5 seconds going straight. I think they should limit the players to play against players with similar performance. Also this constant cheating when players take players out on sharp slow turns after a long straight should instead DNF the other player. Another suggestion is the player who is hit from behind at speed cannot get damage. I suppose only flaw would be players who made a mistake and have a slowdown and try to block other player would make player going to overtake unfairly penalised. There must be some solution to this. Maybe in duels you can't hit players with your own car. I lost 4 duels today when other player just used my car as a brake and punted me out the way after being too far behind. I think players who hit from behind at a speed that is not normal should be penalised. I get that blocking is part of duels so I don't have a problem with that unless you do it when you make a mistake with huge difference in closing speeds. Its the constant duel losses after driving near perfect when you get taken out that is most frustrating. In real-life you would get disqualified, in this game players are rewarded for it.
  4. Hafijur

    Pre season testing Singapore

    They recently changed the difficulty for Singapore event.
  5. Hafijur

    Pre season testing Singapore

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjzFuOrmgek Even the top player in the game has same problem. They should fix this asap.
  6. Ever since update that changed physics early last year, the frames per second on iPhone XR went from near 60fps to 5-20fps? Any idea why as XR is one of the best gaming phones. Edit: Sound cuts out regularly so no engine sound when trying to watch a video that doesn't come up. It is very hard to get videos. Will more videos be available like how it was before? Even videos that come up cut out at end.
  7. Hi, Please can you read DM and help.

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    Which track was that?
  9. You were one of the lucky people.
  10. Hafijur

    Brazil 0 PI Challenge top lap times

    The 2nd sector you lose a lot of time. The other sectors are good.
  11. Hafijur

    2020 Survey

    Why don't you reply to me and have different rules for everyone?
  12. Hafijur

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Top issues are support staff who discriminate against users. When I ask why they discriminate, they say its because staff can decide whatever they want so if they hate certain users like Chris Groves admitted, they can punish each user differently for same offence.
  13. Please can you reply?

  14. Please check your inbox. All I wanted was a solution.
  15. I would like to apologise to Chris for any inconvenience caused by me. Also keep up the good work. I didn't mean to annoy you and I am usually very friendly. Sorry and this looks interesting for Grid players.
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    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    I wonder if you will ever reply to me on inbox messages or are you trained to ignore people?
  17. Hafijur

    Can’t collect daily parts boxes

    You don’t care about users. You ban players for your own mistakes. Also there is no customer service in the game. If there was I wouldn’t be in this position. Honestly think Codemasters have the worst support team of any game developer. Punish players for own mistakes and then make up non-existent rules and ban them. The fact you say to someone to contact customer support when they don’t care as I have found out nearly 2 months and no support. Just ignore and ignore is all they do. They let other users get away with anything but punish a few differently, just to make an example with them. Main support person even said, that support can decide whatever they want so one player can get away with much worse and other completely banned for much less and they don’t even have to break the rules to get banned as they can make up own new rules a few months later to ban you. I expect you not to reply as you just ignore me. I was shocked main F1 MBR person said that staff are basically corrupt as they can decide whatever they want to each individual even if its the same offence. That explains why I was punished completely and others were let off straightaway for same offence.
  18. Is that the same customer service team that have different rules for each person and have ignored me for near 2 months?
  19. The double standards of the support team is insane. Why do other users get preferential treatment? Is it because staff can choose to discriminate against certain players and let other players get away with everything? Ignored for over a month and its now like the support team have a vendetta against me. Can staff let me know why you have double standards?
  20. They should rename codemasters support as codeignoremasters support. Master at ignoring people.
  21. I have been proven right. There is virtually no in-game support in this game. Its just there as an option but 99% of the time no one responds. The 1% of the time they do its the lucky ones. I don’t count general copy and pasted replies that ignore messages as a reply. The worst support in any game I have ever seen. I would be more happy if there was no support option as then at least it would give me a better experience than wasting my time to get ignored for over a month. I tried asking everyone and same outcome as in no response. I reckon there is 1 person who works on support for thousand of users so they just copy and paste generic replies a couple of times and then stop responding.
  22. Hafijur

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    Not trying to be rude but you were going really slow. They could easily have won by 8 seconds if they was a decent driver even with slow car.
  23. Hafijur

    F1 [Mobile] iOS [NOT LOADING]

    No doing that workaround a few updates ago caused a lot of players to be deleted for codemasters own fault due to own issue with the game. Its quite comical really the workaround is how they banned and deleted users 4-5 months of hard work. They got rid of the issue a few months back and then decided to ban everyone who used this workaround 4 months later and now 5 months later still ignoring users who lost everything. This workaround makes users do 10x more bannable offences than users who got banned if this workaround was available a few months ago. So users who used workaround for 1% of playing time get banned forever. Even the lucky ones who get reinstated virtually start from beginning so they might as well never played the game. I got banned for using workaround for 1% of my playing time and they ignore every message for over a month. Even if I got reinstated I lose 4-5 months genuine progress. So pretty much those users who got away with it are like 2 years ahead of users who got banned. I have seen a few users who have got away with it completely.
  24. Hafijur

    F1 [Mobile] iOS [NOT LOADING]

    That's how they banned users before.
  25. Please respond to my messages.