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  1. It's pure luck.. That's why I am here for the 6th straight year...... I really must play the lottery 😄 Its not about who has the most hours in the game etc. It's who CM trust to do in depth research, post detailed bug reports and provide constructive feedback. If you're just looking for a. the game early or b. to have a tantrum when something isn't to your liking then CM have no use for you in the beta. Doesn't matter how many hours you logged.. This is why UP said that if you feel cheated then they made the right choice in not selecting you as it indicates you don't actuall
  2. Happy birthday Barry!
  3. Proposal for next season. Do 2 races a week and double season length.
  4. If we keep doing fridays I won't be able to make all rounds.
  5. Was at Baku with a fresh engine (except for the CE and battery) and around lap 46 (100% distance) I started getting reduced power. My acceleration was terrible and I was about 20mph down on top speed. Tbh I thought I just had a problem like the AI sometimes do and thus actually would be a good feature but @BarryBL you asked me to write a report and tag you so here we are. Code JXCC-SATS-EEGV-MVMG. My team Haven't had it happen again unfortunately Just raced as usual I didn't see it as an issue so did nothing. Gamepad No video sorry.
  6. The AI do fix the issue after a couple laps but at least half the field have at least one pitstop with wrong tyres.
  7. I did print screen it... then I copied the code and it removed my print screen from the immediate paste... sorry.
  8. In the changeover period between wet and dry tyres. The AI will often put a new set of the tyres they already have on in their pitstop instead of putting the wets for example on. This allows me to streak ahead. Code JXCC-SATS-EEGV-MVMG PC 1.13 My team Happened every dry to wet race I have done. So should be easy to replicate To make it happen, the weather changed I am not sure what I could do since AI tyre choices aren't in my direct control Gamepad, not sure why this would matter. @BarryBL
  9. Can I go Red Bull please? I wouldn't say im a regular with only one season.
  10. Ok having tried it. This test is ok. However some of the others are way too hard. The quali lap test especially is way out.
  11. Regarding that. Maybe make the times a little easier, or restrict the fuel setting to standard.
  12. @BarryBL I have confirmed the cause of the issue by going the other way. I did the race strategy programme in lean mix. Now its saying min fuel is over fueling it.
  13. The 5 lap one. You only need to complete 3 laps in succession to get the max r&d though.
  14. @BarryBL This bug has been in all F1 games since 2017 iirc. It is caused by the race pace testing program, aka the one where you do 3 laps under a time to get purple. Temporary fix is to not do said practice program, although you are leaving an easy 50 R&D points on the table by doing so. The fuel level does slowly right itself and is correct at the very end of the race... but it's a bit late then. To be specific. I have a theory as to how it happens. The game decides strategy from the results of that test. However most players just want the R&a
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