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  1. SingaporeTrackLizard

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Also the car is like it's on ice in the wet. I have been able to adapt my driving and actually done pretty well in the wet in previous years but now it seems to be horrible. In fact wet races used to be my best races. Now I can't keep the car on the road.
  2. SingaporeTrackLizard

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    I mean it bogs on corner exits and I have no power (I use tc so I assume it's that because I have no traction) and this makes me horribly slow on the straights.
  3. SingaporeTrackLizard

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    I am really struggling with setups now the ballast has gone. If I do things to improve the cornering I get horrible corner exits.
  4. SingaporeTrackLizard

    2018 setup adaptions for 2019

    Thanks. This has helped a little. However I still seem to be off the pace at Melbourne.
  5. SingaporeTrackLizard

    F1 2019 Setup Guide

    Any chance of an english version of this?
  6. SingaporeTrackLizard

    Career Mode Deep Dive

    Ahh ok. Is there anything else we can spend money on than cars? It's just in the original grid you got to a point where you had everything.
  7. SingaporeTrackLizard

    Career Mode Deep Dive

    Will we be able to upgrade cars or will it only be buying cars like original grid?
  8. SingaporeTrackLizard

    2018 setup adaptions for 2019

    Hi I had a setup I was happy with at every track in 2018 yet now the ballast is gone in 2019 they all go to pot lol. First issue was understeer. I solved this by increasing rear suspension and anti roll bars. However now I have an issue of no traction on corner exits so the car just bogs (I shamefully use TC)
  9. SingaporeTrackLizard

    Weather and sunset

    Something I noticed. Monaco and Sweden, we can safely say those events are held in winter right? So why is it still light at 7pm?
  10. This needs to be said more. People never treat people like faya like people with lives and families. They assume they are some kind of robot.
  11. I'm in but still no forum access. @Faya sorry to sound desperate though.
  12. 1. Not surprised after your latest outbursts. 2. Did you read my post about not being salty? It makes you look like a horribly bad choice for the future.
  13. 4th year running woo. Thanks for the vote of confidence.
  14. Omg I haven't got a code... I was the perfect candidate vs these other people who are horrible rammers... reeeeeee. Joking of course but also if you don't get selected try to refrain from this, this year... And in job applications generally. It looks terrible. Even if you were selected before it doesn't mean you were the best candidate this year.
  15. Looks great guys. 🙂 When will I be able to buy my copy on steam?