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  1. Well it seems i'm not the only one having problems with this game. I've bought EVERY one of your F1 games Codies brand new within the first week of release, but this years online is by far the most broken so far, has 11yrs of doing this not taught you guys anything? Stuck on loading screens. stuck with "communicating with online services" screen. joining a lobby and then getting kicked back the the menu screen. Stuck on black loading screen. get into a lobby and wait for the race to finish and get booted. finish a race and get booted back to the menu screen.
  2. I don't want to have to come back to it hours later to restart a race, or leave my Xbox on to get this achievement. PS...Take 2 got outbid by EA, so its definitely screwed over this, EA will probably shut them down in a couple of years 😞
  3. Well plans can be changed with some feedback, this is what this thread is about. I posted here once many moons ago, but i'm sure there where threads about this back when the game released. Why is Codemasters only just now listening to its gamers by changing Dirt 5's but not willing to fix past mistakes. Oh well its a lost sale for them.
  4. Well its not like they can't get it done, Its the first Codemasters racing game i have not bought because of that achievement. I don't want to hate the game because of 1 achievement, as i don't want to spend 100hrs of grinding on the 1 track to get it. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be given a stern talking too. Codemasters needs to be very careful on these things, because there are millions of achievement hunters out there and if others have avoided games because of this then Codies are losing money. Didn't Microsoft & Sony waive patch fees a few years ago? Cou
  5. So after seeing that you guys got plenty of complaints about the "Spare Some Change for Gas?" achievement/trophy in Dirt 5 and reduced it from 10,000 miles to 1,000. Well how about changing the "Around the Globe" achievement/trophy for the latest GRID game as that's way more excessive than the one in Dirt 5. If anyone else wants this to change please post in here.
  6. @Roch the description does say 50% more xp in the SP races, while UP TO 50% more xp in MP races.
  7. I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble downloading the Boost pack on the Xbox 360? The problem is that it starts to download, and once it hits 1% it goes back to 0% then a message appears saying it can't download the pack. I have a few other friends that have the same problems, and the Boost Pack doesn't download on the AUS/NZ marketplace. The download took the money off my account that I know for sure, so hopefully someone from Codemasters can look into the problem and hopefully post something in here about it, or at the very least give me a refund.
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