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  1. Thanks to RTAnoskills for this video Thats what is say, penalties it doesn't make sense You see in the video, no cut but use the curbs I think that Codemasters do not know the difference between cutting a chicane and use the curbs Thats is cut a chicane and here yes for penalties https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VC7fNaaoTzI But not if you use curbs or line !!! You see that fuc.... ghost cars is not realy realistic and kill the race
  2. Yes for shortcuts or cut a chicane But not if you take the curbs on a bend
  3. why delete penalties? so people can take shortcuts? no thanks. But Penalties is not logical Tahe the curbs of a chicane is not a penalties ! For Grid autosport yes Have you ever seen a penalty in a race if you take the curbs Answeer is NO
  4. After more than five months after the release, it's still shocking to see a half-finished game. In online mode, the cars are the most ghost and false overtaking In a collision, cars like are chewing gum. This was the big downside of Grid 2 and here is no better A tip for Grid 4 Keep the fun of Grid 1 with the gameplay and tracks of Grid autosport. Keep the collisions and fatal accidents from Grid 1 Remove the system of money that is unrealistic and DELETE PENALTIES !!! Look at what gamers still play onilne even after so many years --> Grid 1 Grid 2 and Grid autosport is empty on
  5. @Loore‌ Grid autosport is a good game and good gameplay. But to mutch bugs and freeze Why are cars ghost in online mode ? There are no more people on the live Grid 1 was more arcade but collisions were more realistic The penalty system is a big shit and inconsistent Project Cars come and this is the end near for Grid
  6. @Loore You have many words but few reactions at Codemasters Many players have lost hours of play in a few seconds. Your first post dated almost a month and it is shameful In addition the worst thing is not the first time this has happened! It makes you wonder if you test the games before they are released, and I highly doubt
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