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  1. Glad you liked '21 😄 Most soundtracks can you found on youtube. This site does a good job of collecting our various soundtracks together https://nfssoundtrack.com/f1-2012/
  2. Ok, not a huge amount of votes but looks like 2022 went down well at least 😀
  3. Thanks for the feedback @XboistonXx.
  4. From the in-house Codies developed F1 games what is your all-time favourite year for music? From licensed to bespoke composition.
  5. Ah sorry, the race commentary. As with other potential features I can't really give too many specifics here over whether we're going to do this in the future or not but we do always look at our speech system and look at how we can make improvements. It's not an easy feature to implement though, looking back at old games that do it, it was good for the time but quite crude by todays standards. Games like FIFA and NHL do a really good job of in game commentary but I don't think that's easily translated into motorsport. The minute to minute action isn't quite the same in a GP as it is in a H
  6. The suggestion of rock music? I'm not ignoring any suggestions but neither would I be in a position to officially announce anything we are currently working on so you won't find me outright telling you we're going to include "X genre" or "licensed music" in a patch or future game. Also keep in mind a sample size of 1 to 2 people suggesting rock music does not mean rock music will make it into the game 🙂
  7. I can't talk about specific licenses but music for advertising, trailers, youtube content etc... doesn't always mean something can then be used in the game itself.
  8. @Meza994 Hello, I'm not a forum mod or community, I'm the audio director on F1 so I can only answer questions related to the audio.
  9. @sw4rml0gic Something I considered with the '21 game. The reason we didn't do this is because we felt it didn't make sense to have a "helmet" mix unless you were actually in the cockpit with a near driver's eye view. We're always looking at the audio options though so this idea hasn't gone away.
  10. More interesting audio topics so thanks for the feedback and suggestions 😀
  11. Interesting, thanks for the feedback @GoSuarez99. We always look at different music options every year. One point though is it can be very difficult to please everybody with licensed music as everybody likes different genres. Our bespoke OST normally goes down pretty well historically and is created specifically for each sub-menu or sections of the game. I'd be interested to build a good picture of what music F1 fans gravitate towards but I doubt we could ever find an overwhelming consensus.
  12. Hi @francoisgoyette. No we don't have a way to mute the DRS beep. Seems an odd thing to want to mute to be honest as it indicates you are in a DRS zone. Is the problem that you simply do not want to hear it or that you find it too loud?
  13. Hello @RambunctiousCat. Have you checked your Xbox dashboard settings? Can you confirm to me what these are please?
  14. @JimmyCraces Hello, I have responded to quite a few posts about this issue. We don't have voice commands on Series X because they are no longer supported on that platform. I'm not aware of any Series X games out there that have voice commands for that matter. Sorry, not ideal I know, but that's the situation.
  15. Hello @GBAUTHENTIC. Can't do what? The quote you have included doesn't give you anythign to do, it was us asking somebody for clarification. If youy're asking how to do something or why something isn't working you'll need to tell us what issue you are currently having and details on your particular setup. If this is a bug you think you have you should add this to that particular forum so we can correctly track and fix this from a dev side. Thanks.
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