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  1. issueskid

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    Sorry @profxavi, I'm an audio designer, I have nothing to do with any game systems so I can't answer any questions related to that.
  2. issueskid

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    @profxavi I'm not sure how specific I can be here so let's just say we've worked directly with most teams on the grid so we manage to get a lot of coverage 🙂. We also record all teams track side. This is why it can be quite baffling when we see comments from some people insisting we synthesis our bundles or make them out of years old power units . I can tell you for sure that we attend recording sessions every year so the assets we use in game are 100% genuine and representative of the power units sound at the time of recording. I'd also point out that some of our sound designers work across projects and build engines for all of our games (F1, DiRT, Grid) so our engine bundle creation process is almost identical across projects.
  3. issueskid

    The sound of F1 cars in F1 2019 is wrong

    @profxavi I'm not going to reply to every single issue here, especially when there's conflicting opinions. I'll give a brief overview of the bundles though. We gain access to some teams at the pre-season test, we use the exact same spec mic that FOM use for broadcast purposes. When we record the cars we try to stay true to what they sounded like on the day. This may or may not be how they end up sounding during the season, or even at Australia. I recall forum posts last year arguing that our bundles hadn't been updated based on the sound of the cars in China in real life and that our in game bundles sounded more like Australia. Simply put we work with what assets we have access to during winter test and these are authentic. We try to do as little processing as possible to stay true to what the cars sound like naturally. Of course we will never please everybody and as teams receive upgrades our bundles can tent to sound different to broadcast. We don't have the luxury of recording teams over and over again and we don't have the luxury of constantly patching in new bundles throughout the season. We do of course welcome feedback and we want these bundles to sound as good as you all hope they will sound. I think we do a pretty good job year after year to recreate these power units but we're always trying to improve. To answer a specific comment. The "muffled" filter in the cockpit used to be present (sometime around F1 2015?) but we had internal feedback that the cockpit cam isn't supposed to be a "helmet cam" (which is why there's no visible visor / helmet interior on screen). As a result the general consensus was that the filter here made no sense so it was removed. On a final note, the beta is quite an old mix so it is not fully representative of our current work. In terms of your "work in progress" comment in reference to final audio. Well "work in progress" is subject to change, we do that so if anything does change we've covered ourselves - that's better than the game releasing and the community feel cheated if something wasn't exactly like it was during the beta. Things can change but don't always change. Hope that lot helps and at least sheds some light on our process. As always keep the feedback and constructive criticism coming 🙂 As I've mentioned in other threads we're quite active on the forums and always willing to discuss issues as long as everybody is friendly and polite.