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  1. While I appreciate the feedback this thread is going way off topic. We take on feedback from general audio posts but this thread was specifically opened to deal with accesibility features. We're looking to make improvements in ways which will help hard of hearing players or people with specific issues like tinitus. Suggesting how power units sound is all fine but lets leave that to the many, many other threads we have discussing these topics. Thanks for the understanding 🙂
  2. There's a few options currently in place that you may or may not know about. You can turn speech down and also change the verbosity setting so that the engineer only feedsback critical information. As with some of the other comments here though I'll see what we can do about some of the points you've raised. Can't promise anything but you certainly have valid points 🙂
  3. Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoy the audio 🙂 We're always looking to improve the engine bundles so I'll definetly stick this on the list of items to investigate.
  4. There is already a slider for speech. All speech is balanced to the same level so if you're finding anything to be inconsistent this is a bug that has slipped through the cracks. Crofty and Ant aren't mixed purposly to be "much louder" than other speech.
  5. Hello guys, I'm going to need a good MOR on this one. We've had a listen on both headphones and in our mix studio and the crowd is actually pretty well balanced, certainly not like the attached video. This is either a bug or we've already addressed this mix issue in one of the patches since launch. Are you still finding this issue? If so what's your setup, platform, any specific audio options you've used etc...
  6. @dougas2 We've had a look into this both on headphones and in our mix studio and haven't found it particualrly loud. Is there a specific track/location/mode you are experiencing this?
  7. Make sure F1 2020 is not running Connect the headphones to the PS4 (through controller or USB) Open the PS4 dashboard, “Settings” à “Audio devices” "Output device" should be set to "Headphones" or "Headset" or similar" “Output to Headphones” should be set to “Chat Audio” Now start the game, go into the “Game Options”, select “Settings” and then “Audio Settings” Set “Radio output device” to “Headset” – you should hear Jeff talking through your headset while the game audio still plays on your main speakers Leave the options menu and enjoy the game!
  8. Hello guys, are any of you experiencing this in single player or is this online multiplayer only? @Thund3r4s issue seems something more like a performance issue with the by product being audio drop outs and frame rate drops outs. Is this what everybody else is also finding?
  9. Hello @Thund3r4, yes we are all gamers too and we are human so we too get frustrated by bugs in the games that we play too 🙂. I'm here to help try and figure out your problems though so lets see what we can do. Codies don't insist that I communicate with players on the forums, I do it because I genuinly care about my job and the work the audio team has done. I want constructive polite feedback from the forums, keep that coming and I'll keep communicating 👍 I think emailing me a wetransfer link would be a good start. We've done some investigation on this issue yesterday and we think this m
  10. Hello @keithck, sorry I can't help you with Grid but I have passed your comments on to the audio guys who work on that project. Have you posted anything in the Grid forums? @davidjgurney might be able to help you out.
  11. I'm sure anybody using these headsets is already using the correct settings but it's also worth sanity checking to see if this solves any problems you might be having.
  12. Has anybody got video of this issue please?
  13. As mentioned, we are looking into this but I'll be honest, I've never reproduced this so far and I'm working on headphones quite often at the moment. I'd suggest anybody who can 100% reproduce this issue should send me some more details, in particular the headset you are using it, your audio settings, platform you are playing on and what game mode you are in. @Thund3r4 You are welcome to your opinion, but I assure you the audio team are not sitting here doing a "copy & paste" year on year. We are constantly working on the game and are immensely passionate about our job and the game.
  14. @GonzoGB87 Yes we do pay attention 🙂 I will investigate the issue and see if I can reproduce it.
  15. @NinjaElmo I don't know what your setup is like but it sounds liek you might be doing some strange stuff. There's two ways in windows to see what your default device is. Whatever this is set to the game will use. Does that help you?
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