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  1. Rochambeau

    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Feedback on this game? It sucks. Big donkey balls. The online is so broken and your leveling requirements make me puke along with the AI and general 'race craft' adopted by them. I'll finish this pile of utter Shiite because I care about my gaming profile, but that's it after that. I will never touch a codemasters product again and be a complete detractor to every one of my gaming friends for here on out. You will get my platinum image sent to you via twitter or something like that, then I'm gone forever. 
  2. Rochambeau

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Official boycott of every codemasters product from now on. Such total garbage produced by this company. 
  3. Rochambeau

    Patience wearing thin

    Fuck this shit! It's still happening all the time! I continually get put into the barriers by the AI. How dumb is this? The whole day today! The AI ghosts through me into the lead and their car re-spawns in the middle of my car and it instantly puts me into the barriers or wrecks me. Ban me, do whatever, but this is total bullshit!
  4. Rochambeau

    Patience wearing thin

    My patience is already past thin with the AI in online racing.  HOW CAN AN AI CAR GHOST THROUGH ME AND THEN UN-GHOST AND WRECK MY CAR? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  Are you gonna credit me some XP for the 10+ times this'd has happened and made me loose all my XP while I grind to level 250.  This is simply ridiculous. 
  5. Rochambeau

    Announcing: F1 2014 and Beyond

    Sorry Codemasters. After the debacle that is GRID Autosport, you won't be getting another penny from me. 
  6. Rochambeau

    Boost Pack Downloading Problems

    Sorry to hear your issue with the downloading. My issue with the boost pack is that it doens't give you a proper 50% xp bonus on all your xp earned in a race. Cheap move there imo
  7. Rochambeau

    Can't believe I fell for it......

    This is my last ever codemasters game. Been a loyal fan for a long long time now. But the online requirements and the xp payout is a joke. If i got a corrupt save file, the disc would be out the window for sure.
  8. +1 to This. The AI is a joke in general i have to say. Countless times i am hit, blocked or bashed about by them