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  1. jackharte


    Zandvoort & Hanoi for the same year is mighty impressive then... 😜
  2. Having the timing charts filterable by car and assist-settings would be a nice option.
  3. jackharte


    Completely appreciate that adding new circuits (particularly where official confirmation of their addition to the current season's F1 calendar was made on the game's release day!) may be too big an ask, but there's nothing wrong with hoping that we end up with a nice surprise! Think it's worth acknowledging that we're also building up to next-gen too, so it's understandable if resources are focused on that (the 22 circuits initially planned will presumably all be requiring more attention than usual due to the next-gen release). In an ideal world, you'd perhaps be able to start a season on the basis of selecting the official 'planned' or 'actual' calendar or a custom one of your own making. In terms of 'classics', I completely agree that this would be a nice bonus. I used to love lapping Imola. You imagine that the current commercial rights holders would be much more open to the inclusion of classic circuits on an 'official' game too, whereas I imagine this would have been harder to agree under the previous regime...