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  1. Im not lying , sorry but all the sky views in the build up and when racing are clear blue, but it is pouring with rain somehow. just read the above sentence then you wont need a screenshot ! simple
  2. LSP1

    Cant do daily race

    soooo because im doing career mode (2 races completed) i cant use my car to do the daily race?? Seriously *** ? its not a real car being used on the other side of the world, its a game and i want to try different modes. So i have to buy another car if i want to do daily races because i want take a break from my main career? Rubbish, sort it out Codemasters.
  3. Just starting a race at North fork pass on career mode PS4 and the sky is completely blue and somehow its pouring with rain ??? Basics
  4. LSP1

    Missing the snow

    Not missing it at all ! Lol I never liked the snow sections, probably down to my driving style, always ended up facing the wrong way. I may give the DLC a miss (shame) 😁
  5. LSP1

    Email change

    Hi unfortunately the email address I’m registered at codies is no longer in use, it’s probably blindingly obvious but I can’t find an option to change it anywhere, can someone help please ?
  6. Just wondered if I can use an upgrade earned in career mode for a different car ? Just started with a first career event and finished 3rd after 4 stages (yes I did mess up a few times lol) started in the first front wheel drive car and don’t really want to upgrade that one ??