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  1. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    I am guessing there are NDAs in place as well...
  2. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    That was 6 or more years ago, the more times passes, less and less is allowed apparently, you can see that in all racing games. And Grid 1/2 did not feature Porshes and Ferraris...
  3. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    There's no deformation shown at all in the video that would be deadly (or even hurting) for the passengers. I think that's (one of the) red line(s) car manufacturers draw regarding visual damage.
  4. cpcdem

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I liked the one in GAS as well. But this one in the new game...just very bad.
  5. cpcdem

    Around the Globe trophy

    Or 100 races of 99 laps around indy oval. With the fastest car it should only take 4-5 days if doing it all day 🙂
  6. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    1. Not proof, but it has been implied or said indirectly by multiple devs. Not only here. 2. People are asking for damage mechanics, but studios (all or most of them) put less and less in their games, even if their previous iterations had it. I think it's not too difficult to make an assumption that is extremely likely to be true...
  7. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    I agree about that, even though damage cannot be visually very severe, it should have a considerable effect on performance. Optionally of course, to cover each person's preferences.
  8. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    Yeah agreed in general of course! I just do not get it why it is so important for people to have detailed damage in _racing_ games. (would also prefer it if they did have, I just don't get it why it is so important, causing people to create so many threads everywhere just for this).
  9. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    As pointed above, as years pass, car manufacturers permit less and less damage shown in their cars. Thus my point, you can complain to the car companies that license them to devs, but the devs can't do something about it anymore. Unless they create games like Beam.NG which do not have licensed cars.
  10. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    Have you guys looked at Beam.NG? It's exactly its scope to produce extremely realistic crashes and damages, you can also setup any conditions you like and I am sure it has tons of mods that should do almost everything you imagine. This is the exact purpose of it, why don't you use the right tools for the right job? OK, if you insist that you want so much to see Ferraris racing in realistic conditions and destroy them for fun, I am afraid this is not possible anymore, it's out of the developers' hands, unless they create something like crashfest or Beam.NG. I also want many things in life that are impossible, but I will not blame the devs for not implementing them for me 🙂
  11. That was in PCARS1, in PCARS2 the trees are full 3D. But it has a lot of problems with bad AA, shadow flickering all over the place, Z-fighting etc. Grid is IMO a lot better in those areas, I am just missing the incredible amount of features PCARS2 has.
  12. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    The second part of this video shows car deformation which would be instant death for the passengers. Fortunately or unfortunately, this cannot be shown in racing games anymore. Btw, I've always wondered, ok, damage may look fun crashing cars once or twice, but why do you need it in a racing game for cars to look realistically destroyed, isn't the point to try to avoid doing so? Nothing wrong with liking it to completely destroy cars, but isn't that the scope of other games like crashfest and not that of grid? I agree damage should affect the speed of the cars though (which it shouldn't in crashfest type of games 🙂 )
  13. Hehe visual anomalies...I love this game (almost 3000 hours in it!), but visual (and other type of) anomalies...I don't think you will find any racing game with more than PCARS2 🙂
  14. cpcdem

    Welcome to the new GRID

    You're welcome, but to be fair his has been answered earlier a few times I am thinking that maybe this functionality will be added later. I think there's a lot of missing functionality which needs to be added to make this game (which has huge potential through its solid base) justice.
  15. SMS is not a small team. And Grid 2019 is visually a lot better than PCARS2 actually (sound is better as well). Where PCARS2 is unbeatable in this area is its features, as it supports true triple monitor support, VR, realtime 24h time cycle, true track evolution and a lot more. But when comparing visuals 1:1, Grid 2019 is much better looking.