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  1. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    I am guessing there are NDAs in place as well...
  2. cpcdem

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Agreed. but it is not only multiplayer, it is also single player that is so empty. Career is even emptier than in GAS, not even an introductory message, just a set of championships in which you can't even adjust duration. There's not even a "Congrats" message when you win, advance through the championships, unlock new ones, absolutely nothing! There are no community events, no dedicated time trial, no practice before races, can't believe it was designed this way, I am pretty sure it wasn't. Maybe you are absolutely right about the deadlines they wanted to catch, that makes sense. Also maybe there is hope for a quick improvement, I hope they were already implementing before release a lot additional features, but didn't manage to finish them in time. If they finish them and release them in a month or so, maybe the game can survive and we will be all happy, better late than never. But if they did design it to be lacking so much, then this is really disappointing...
  3. cpcdem

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Yeah, I do not understand it either. Only reasonable explanation I can think of is that they run out of time. Not for cross platform (this would require A LOT of effort), but to at least support what previous games already had... About the PC stats, that's the total, not for multiplayer only. I do not know how much accurate it is. And obviously does not count players who play the game while not being logged in on Steam, but assume that's a very small percentage anyway.
  4. cpcdem

    Can we talk about FWD cars?

    I missed that as well, but I don't think you can expect such characteristics in non-sim games. Having said that, at very high speed cornering, I think there is a little oversteer when off throttle, and I think there was a little bit in GAS as well, but just a tiny bit if any. You can at least induce (quite a lot actually!) oversteer with braking though, if you put the brake bias to the rear...
  5. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    That was 6 or more years ago, the more times passes, less and less is allowed apparently, you can see that in all racing games. And Grid 1/2 did not feature Porshes and Ferraris...
  6. cpcdem

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Here: https://steamcharts.com/cmp/703860#7d
  7. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    There's no deformation shown at all in the video that would be deadly (or even hurting) for the passengers. I think that's (one of the) red line(s) car manufacturers draw regarding visual damage.
  8. cpcdem

    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    I am a sim racer, but found Grid 2019 very interesting to say the least at first. Especially the FWD touring cars I liked them a lot, the game has fantastic gfx and sound, the handling is more or less ok with them and gave me a chance to drive those around extremely well made street circuits, which you can rarely find in real sims. If the game was good as a whole, I am sure I would be spending a few 100s hours with this class alone, but unfortunately it has so many problems, AI is too easy even at very hard (like it was in GAS, too), the career consists of 2-3 lap races only, there are no community events, the sort-of time trial leaderboards we have make not much sense since you can flashback your laps indefinitely, multiplayer has AI cars and no car class selection!!! Huge potential wasted IMO, because the core was very promising for a very very nice game...
  9. cpcdem

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I liked the one in GAS as well. But this one in the new game...just very bad.
  10. cpcdem

    Multiplayer modes

    I wish I was young 🙂 My hope is the game was just rushed to get out in the market very soon, but it was planned from the beginning to add more features and improvements later to make it a complete game. Not saying this is a nice tactic, but the sad truth is that a lot of devs in our times just have to do what management orders. If that's not the case and there will be no major improvements, I agree this would be a pity, a huge potential wasted, because the core of this game is extremely well made in my opinion (gfx, sound, car handling).
  11. cpcdem

    0-60 MPH

    But connected to the front wheels in FWD cars 🙂
  12. cpcdem

    Around the Globe trophy

    Or 100 races of 99 laps around indy oval. With the fastest car it should only take 4-5 days if doing it all day 🙂
  13. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    1. Not proof, but it has been implied or said indirectly by multiple devs. Not only here. 2. People are asking for damage mechanics, but studios (all or most of them) put less and less in their games, even if their previous iterations had it. I think it's not too difficult to make an assumption that is extremely likely to be true...
  14. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    I agree about that, even though damage cannot be visually very severe, it should have a considerable effect on performance. Optionally of course, to cover each person's preferences.
  15. cpcdem

    Watered down damage.

    Yeah agreed in general of course! I just do not get it why it is so important for people to have detailed damage in _racing_ games. (would also prefer it if they did have, I just don't get it why it is so important, causing people to create so many threads everywhere just for this).