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  1. I liked the one in GAS as well. But this one in the new game...just very bad.
  2. You're welcome, but to be fair his has been answered earlier a few times I am thinking that maybe this functionality will be added later. I think there's a lot of missing functionality which needs to be added to make this game (which has huge potential through its solid base) justice.
  3. I think it's been mentioned a few times here that it's currently not possible to make such camera adjustments...
  4. OK, did as you commanded 🙂 I now used shortest gear ratios and brake bias fully to the rear, this helps a lot (over-)rotating the car under braking. I may have used a couple flashbacks as well
  5. The more I play, the more obvious it becomes to me that the game needs a dedicated time trial mode, as every other racing game has. There are plenty time trial events organized in various places, and what we are doing now, is to go first to our profile (???) to see the best times of other people, then go to freeplay, set a time trial race, set to 1 car only, because it does not make sense with AI (not to mention it becomes a matter of luck if you will be able to take some of their slip stream), do the laps and wait at the end to see what place you are in the leaderboards. Then you want to impr
  6. Oh, no, I had spent so much time for this! OK, will try also that again, goodbye work 🙂 Good lap!
  7. Niiice! Will also try again later tonight! What's the top record now, is it mid 26's already? Edit: Ouch, I see a 1:26.188 !!!
  8. Nice, this is why the game needs official community challenges! 🙂 Did a 1:28.3 so far on PC platform, but there are guys lapping at 1:27.2 already...still working on it though!
  9. Community events with leaderboards please, similar to GAS (but not with very low level AI getting in the way)
  10. I think what @Gersal2012 meant is that he cannot pick a car to start a (any) race. Indeed, this is a little unclear how it works, when you start out, there is one car in every class that you can "loan" to race with it, or you can buy and use a car. When you select a car to loan, it works fine. But when you pick a car that it is not loanable, then you must buy it. And you must buy it, by pressing the buy button and keep it pressed for 2-3 seconds to confirm, took me some time to realize this. After you buy it, you can sell it, and that works with the same procedure (keeping the button pressed),
  11. For me and many (all?) other PC users, the game got unlocked last night, while it was still Monday the 7th :). I guess this was not done on purpose, but still thank you!
  12. I think the graphics are awesome! Not very good, they are awesome! Except for Okutama, which looks better than in the videos posted earlier, but still not good enough IMO regarding shadows, lighting, LOD switch. Rain is incredibly well done! But why FOV adjustment only for cockpit cams? Sound, very very good! Both engine and FX. Especially from cockpit view. Coupled with the gfx, it makes the game so much immersive! The AI I do not like it much, but did not like it in GAS either (and in most games either I must admit 🙂 ) and I do not mind much, because I rarely race against it.
  13. I wish Chicago was also in Grid 2019, by far my absolute favorite track in the previous games.
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