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  1. I've done my first race of a driver career on the PS5. My thoughts are as follows: The handling model portrays the feeling of less rear der force versus last years game in keeping with the latest regulation. Learning which kerbs to avoid is essential and means that tracks need to be re-learnt accordingly (for instance do not use the kerb on the exit of T7 at Bahrain) Car models and tracks look goods, but aren't a huge step up from last years enhanced game in 4K The AI seem quite racy and suitably aggressive. They aren't afraid to go for a move which is go
  2. No next gen version until 2015. What an embarrassment! F1 2014 is going to dive as most people will wait 6-8 months for the next gen version.  Even with a monopoly on the licensing codemasters still manage to make dreadful decisions. Farcical really.
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