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  1. dfooster

    Mechanical Failures 2021

    When playing My Team i thought for next year it would be great if they tweaked the part failure in the R&D department. So instead of the part failing before delivery they could deliver the part with a risk percentage attached to it. Then the player could choose to run the old part at normal deterioration rate (if relevant) or the new part with say a 15% complete failure chance associated with it but increased performance. So in theory you could stress test the part in practice and it perform well but then it fail during the race itself. Then after the first grand prix the part is either established on the car and from then on just performs to the normal wear and tear. This would introduce a strategic element to my team whilst introducing player retirements and AI retirements to spice up the on track action. I guess if this is too much for some players then the complete failure of part could be adjusted in the settings to a severely reduced performance state instead like what we have now.
  2. dfooster

    Time Trials Bug

    Yep on ps4 pro and haven't noticed if it's when I cross the line like some others have said but Vietnam crashed on me 4 times in 15 minutes whilst doing timetrial. Not had any issues at other tracks whilst racing, but had a never ending loading screen crash as well, whilst trying to load in Abu Dhabi timetrial circuit.
  3. dfooster

    Lee Mather Responds to Scanned Tracks

    They obviously want a consistent package across all platforms hence the reason why the PC doesn't have VR. Obviously the consoles wouldn't be able to handle it right now in a full race scenario. Having said that I think they have missed a good opportunity to say look here is F1 in VR (time trial only for now) until next gen is up and running. I dont believe for one minute they dont have resources researching VR, if they haven't that's madness given where esports is heading towards. The time trial would have garnered many more sales, been a great test bed for next gen and showed to the fans that codemasters were thinking ahead. People would have respected that for the remainder of this generation.
  4. dfooster

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    The problem now is the realistic racing games absolutely require a decent wheel pedal set-up. I race on console but with a decent rig and I just cannot explain the difference to friends if you combine the wheel, ffb, VR if the game supports it, and a good physics based game from playing on a flat TV with a gamepad in your hands. It's a totally different beast entirely. A good example is when dirt rally 2.0 was free on PS+ last month and the amount of casuals who said it was rubbish and deleted it straight away. They probably tried to play with a pad gave it half hour and then lost interest due to the difficulty. I bet if they sat in my rig and I said you have one hour to hit that time on that stage, I bet if they have any experience in driving cars in the real world they would be engrossed by the feeling and it may well convert some people to go out and buy a sim set up for home. The overall point is it's really difficult to cater to both sets of players with the same game, and the pad and wheel users are further apart than they ever have been in what they expect from a racing title. Is it time codemasters looked at offering two products for F1 like the dirt series? Maybe two dedicated modes on the same game disk with dedicated servers for each? Is turning assists on and off enough to please both types of players now? The more realistic PC racing games become and the bigger esports gets the harder it's going to be for codemasters to stick with the current approach of one size fits all.
  5. dfooster

    Why am I too slow in multiplayer?

    I think they should have an option for default setup races only in multiplayer. This is precisely why I don't play multiplayer as it's pointless trying to compete unless you invest countless hours into setup.  I tend to use default setup in career mode as well now as I find the difficulty is tailered towards this. By changing setups in all the past versions the game becomes too easy or if I up the difficulty to legend I can't compete even with my own setups. Tbh this has ruined the past F1 games for me because once I know i have a better setup it's hard to resist using it if it's a track I'm not too good on or I feel that the AI are not playing fair and I'm forever starting career again trying to find that sweet spot where it's challenging but fun. That is why there should be a difficulty slider  and of course the AI should be equal on all tracks by default.