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  1. Inconsistent FFB with my T300 RS since 2018 game, the wheel works perfectly with all other games
  2. None what a stupid idea give us a real F1 simulation not this type of gadget for kids...
  3. alp776

    FFB in F1 2020

    I agree 100%...I will not buy the game if there is not a big FFB improvement for wheels, for me it is presently not possible to drive like all other games
  4. Make a real simulation I dont care of making a team what a stupid idea!
  5. I dont care of my team mode what is this stupid low cost (for Codemaster) new idea they have so many other things to do to improve this game!
  6. alp776

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    What is doing Codemaster, my team I dont care! I want a more realistic game, with car settings working properly, no advantage for pads, intersting and easy to use multiplayer, organized championships like is doing Gran Turismo. For the first time ever (I played all F1 games..) I will not buy the game this year and I am really sad becaused I loved F1 games but the last two were a nightmare
  7. alp776

    Codemasters sim or Arcade?

    For the first time ever(I had all F1 games since Mattelvision in the year 80 I will not buy F1 2020 as it is th same since sveral years , setups mean nothing, pads have great advantage compare to wheels ( I play without assist), multiplayer is zero..and I am sad because I love F1 ..since 1966... I dream of iracing or similar on ps4 but I cannot see when with Coemaster having the licence for ever, now I play GTS which has the big advantage for on line races organised each week with players of same level meaning a lot of fun..even it is not full simulation but a lot of pleasure to drive
  8. For those who don t have GTS see that and find where is the real image and the game...that s amazing... https://youtu.be/5rgjXQAMdbA
  9. After having played F1 since the start...I dont remember what year it was I let it last december and now only play GTS probably not perfect (some cars are very pleasant some less ) but the great advantage in addition to perfect image of tracks and cars, is to have races organised 4 times a week (even anyday but there are chaos in these races with a lot of stupid players) then you are sure to play in 2 different championships against 19 other players with similar level, you can improve...or loose your rank it i very pleasant. I love F1 but I will only buy it when an improved gameplay will be done probably not by Codmaster who is selling the same game since x years, the multiplayer is nowhere ( a nightmare for me to find good races) compared to GTS
  10. alp776

    Italiani presenti nel forum?

    Capisco l italiano and I speak english mais je suis francais’ pourquoi imposer une langue sur ce forum que je sache tous les pays du monde jouent au jeu de Codemaster!!!!.
  11. alp776

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    Yes cockpit view it is ridiculous not to have the possibilty to force it to all players!
  12. alp776

    Fuel setup bug

    At list in multiplayer (I dont do carreer) you go faster if you chose to add fuel and Rich during all the GP (25% or 50%) , motor temperature rise to 130 deg but it seems not to decrease the power.