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  1. Have real on line races daily and championships likeGTS by exemple..if not I will not buy like for 3 years..after having played all F1 games since they exist..I am 67...
  2. You should also ask what assist do we use...it is a major difference! and a pain with this game not to be able to have on line races without assist mandatory for all personnaly I am level #90 with no assist
  3. alp776


    Me too what do you think of Razr nari ultimate?
  4. Me 10 ERS - 3 DRS and pit limiter 5 look behind 9 ERS+ 4 decrease fuel 6 increase fuel
  5. Buy csl elite fanatec, with load cell you can use it with Thrustmaster using the drivehub device, your life will change 😁
  6. I have both Ferrari wheel is heavier and I had problems with inconsistent FFB with F1 2018 (undrivible) a little bit better with 2019 I bought open wheel lighter and very good I use it since this date very happy on GTS..I stop F1 games waiting for good multiplayer which is so poor on F1
  7. None what a stupid idea give us a real F1 simulation not this type of gadget for kids...
  8. Make a real simulation I dont care of making a team what a stupid idea!
  9. I dont care of my team mode what is this stupid low cost (for Codemaster) new idea they have so many other things to do to improve this game!
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