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  1. alp776

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    Me 10 ERS - 3 DRS and pit limiter 5 look behind 9 ERS+ 4 decrease fuel 6 increase fuel
  2. alp776

    Another update and nothing useful fixed

    I stopped buying F1 this year after being so disappointed during the last years, I will buy it again when a complete change will have been done for set ups, FFB and multiplayer then probably when codemaster will be replaced, they sell the same game each year, I don t play with my team or such stupid things, now I play GTS which has a fantastic multiplayer with plenty of championships organised
  3. alp776

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    You do it by PC plug usb of the brakes in computer using Fanatec application
  4. alp776

    Thrustmaster pedals

    Buy csl elite fanatec, with load cell you can use it with Thrustmaster using the drivehub device, your life will change 😁
  5. alp776

    Fanatec / Drivehub

    I have got the dive hub since more than one year, I use it with Thrustmaster T300 RS wheel and Fanatec csl elite load cells pedals and it works perfectly
  6. alp776

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    I have both Ferrari wheel is heavier and I had problems with inconsistent FFB with F1 2018 (undrivible) a little bit better with 2019 I bought open wheel lighter and very good I use it since this date very happy on GTS..I stop F1 games waiting for good multiplayer which is so poor on F1
  7. alp776

    Ranked Matches = Major Fail

    This year for the first time ever I didnt bought F1 game for the same reason that multiplayer is insane, null, zero or more...I enjoy now GTS with the so good FIA races with 20 players of the same level, with Codemaster is not capable to do the same? I add that playing alone making my team, etc has absolutely no interest for me..
  8. alp776

    State of F1 online multiplayer

    It is the first time since...ever...I am 66 and I played all F1 games since 2019, that I don t buy the game because the online multiplayer is a joke (I could use a very bad other word...) I dont like carrière or my Team mode I only want to play on line with other players, do championships then since one year I play GTS and I am fully onjoying it with championships organised by Polythony or even daily races (a little bit less pleasant as some are bad drivers to save their rank..).
  9. alp776

    So, how's the multiplayer and safety car in F1 2020?

    I will not buy F1 2020 (first time I dont buy th F1 game I had all ..(I am 65..) because multiplayer is so poor they should organise races like Gran Turismo sport you can play any week on new races against 19 other driver with the same level you have, in addition they organise Nations and constructors championships that really amazing 😁 you can improve ..or lose your rank in addition handling (FFB) is so bad with my T300RS wheel..I was some 5 to 7 s slower compare to the best when I am 2 to 3 max on GTS!
  10. alp776

    T300 settings

    PC setup is of no use for the consoles..Thrustmaster wrote me that a long time ago..
  11. Inconsistent FFB with my T300 RS since 2018 game, the wheel works perfectly with all other games
  12. None what a stupid idea give us a real F1 simulation not this type of gadget for kids...
  13. alp776

    FFB in F1 2020

    I agree 100%...I will not buy the game if there is not a big FFB improvement for wheels, for me it is presently not possible to drive like all other games
  14. Make a real simulation I dont care of making a team what a stupid idea!
  15. I dont care of my team mode what is this stupid low cost (for Codemaster) new idea they have so many other things to do to improve this game!