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    Italiani presenti nel forum?

    Capisco l italiano and I speak english mais je suis francais’ pourquoi imposer une langue sur ce forum que je sache tous les pays du monde jouent au jeu de Codemaster!!!!.
  2. alp776

    Suggestion, restrict cockpit view

    Yes cockpit view it is ridiculous not to have the possibilty to force it to all players!
  3. alp776

    Fuel setup bug

    At list in multiplayer (I dont do carreer) you go faster if you chose to add fuel and Rich during all the GP (25% or 50%) , motor temperature rise to 130 deg but it seems not to decrease the power.
  4. alp776

    T300 not good for F1 20018 PS4?

    But still strugling I have dramatically reduced the ffb but still unconsistent feeling with the wheel ;on some tracks like monaco and France it is nearly undrivable , a little little better in Germany...dont know really why...waiting for F1 2019...to see what happens...
  5. my T300 is perfect with Project car, I feel very well th force feed back, but not with F1 2018, in some turns I lose it suddently, is it me or the game? It was rellay better with previous F1 games
  6. What is very poor in F1 gale is the setups which are absolutely not realistic, by exemple compared to P Cars2 where any modication has clearly a real impact on the car behaviour
  7. alp776

    T300 not good for F1 20018 PS4?

    Thanks I tried and it is a lot better!