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  1. OK. That's a shame if so. There's also a bug where if you join during a qualifying results or qualifying session, when it ends you see no graphics, you're just locked to an empty pit lane with maybe one or two cars on the grid. No countdowns or other info graphics - then eventually once the other players have loaded in you suddenly hear the countdown beeps then the race begins. It appears like the game has crashed or you've lost your connection; what is actually happening is that you're spectating the end of quali, all the other players loading into the race then the race start as if
  2. VoiceMeeter is DirectX compatible, dxdiag explicitly includes it as a sound device. NB that I mentioned the Steam Streaming Speakers, which is also a virtual audio device, is enumerated by the game. I feel this should be categorised as a bug, not a feature request. F1 2019 and 2020 are the only games I've found recently which aren't able to enumerate the VoiceMeeter devices in the audio settings. Every other game with a voice comms feature is able to select them.
  3. If this is by design then it's (IMO) unhelpful and very frustrating given how long it takes to join a session - and given the ranked session interface shows no session list, only an option for 5 laps or 25% races. The matchmaking system should not propose sessions where you are unable to join as a player, it should disambiguate somehow. I know if you're in a race and disconnect, you can rejoin and resume control of your vehicle - if you didn't start the race session, it should at least do something like show an interstitial prompt. I would like if it showed a continue/different sessi
  4. 1. A description of the issue. Joining a ranked session can often end up with you being dropped in to a session in progress during qualifying or qualifying results. As a result, you cannot join the next session as a player. Instead, you are forced into Spectator mode. If you join during "Qualifying Results" you are also unable to Ready up to join at the back of the grid for the race. The game seems happy to drop you repeatedly into an in-progress session, meaning often you need to try half a dozen times to find a playable ranked session. In an unranked lobby, I experience
  5. This is also a bug in F1 2019... 1. A description of the issue. In Audio Settings -> Radio Output Device, it only enumerates physical devices (speaker outputs on HDMI/DisplayPort monitors, motherboard sound card, USB-connected FiiO DAC) and only shows those plus the "Main Output Device" option, which is configured in Windows as the main VoiceMeeter device. As it happens, I route all my audio through VoiceMeeter, using its Main, Aux and VAIO3 inputs to accomplish different submixes based on listening, streaming and recording requirements. F1 2020 does not recognise or disp
  6. For the past few days, every time I try to sign in to RaceNet, do a RaceNet Challenge or edit our team settings, it just shows "Connection Failed" after a few seconds. I don't see my clan tags and I can't select my RaceNet Livery. I can play multiplayer OK, but having no RaceNet is frustrating and my achievements and XP probably aren't tracking... PC is Windows 7 Pro, no system changes since first getting the game.
  7. For the past few days, I've also been unable to sign in to Racenet in-game at all. I can play online no problems, but I can't use my Racenet livery nor can I do any of the challenges, see leaderboards etc.
  8. Did some single player Endurance races this evening - and remembered how utterly infuriating the AI is. We've had various patches now and yet the AI is still blind to your progress - and will merrily plough straight into you if you (for example) spin on the racing line, even if they're five hundred yards away! They're utterly crazy into first corners - braking unnecessarily early and either kamikaze throwing themselves towards the apex or crashing into each other. They appear to be unable to see you if they're behind you - and use you as their braking zone. Some of the 'teams' are just comple
  9. Incidentally I closed FanaLEDs and attempted the XML hack - didn't work, either with the one you suggested or the simpler one from F1 2012. LEDs no workey. Now attempting the spoof exe name trick with FanLEDs...
  10. It'd be a *very* useful addition to the game to be able to do demorecs. It'd make it child's play to submit evidence of suspected online cheating (never mind the game video opportunities...)
  11. Top work. Wonder why they didn't enable as default... It shouldn't break any wheels which *don't* have LEDs, should it?
  12. You beaut! One to try when I get home... I wonder why LEDs work natively in F1 games and don't work in GRID? FanaLEDs devs have anything to say about this?
  13. I'll check driver version when I get back home. Sucks if this is what's causing the problem, but have you tried single monitor play without VSync?
  14. Glad it's not just me! I swore when I saw the target times! (I used to DD a *lot* in GRID2 and had a near-perfect technique... Slow in slow out ;))
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