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  1. For the past few days, every time I try to sign in to RaceNet, do a RaceNet Challenge or edit our team settings, it just shows "Connection Failed" after a few seconds. I don't see my clan tags and I can't select my RaceNet Livery. I can play multiplayer OK, but having no RaceNet is frustrating and my achievements and XP probably aren't tracking... PC is Windows 7 Pro, no system changes since first getting the game.
  2. Synergist

    problem with raxenet GAS opening?

    For the past few days, I've also been unable to sign in to Racenet in-game at all. I can play online no problems, but I can't use my Racenet livery nor can I do any of the challenges, see leaderboards etc.
  3. Did some single player Endurance races this evening - and remembered how utterly infuriating the AI is. We've had various patches now and yet the AI is still blind to your progress - and will merrily plough straight into you if you (for example) spin on the racing line, even if they're five hundred yards away! They're utterly crazy into first corners - braking unnecessarily early and either kamikaze throwing themselves towards the apex or crashing into each other. They appear to be unable to see you if they're behind you - and use you as their braking zone. Some of the 'teams' are just completely insane in races (Kicker!) and some of the cars swerve all over the track if you're approaching to overtake. It completely ruins the single player experience and I can't be the only one feeling like this. PLEASE can we get the AI looked at in a forthcoming patch?
  4. Synergist

    Can we get working rev indicators? (G27 etc)

    Incidentally I closed FanaLEDs and attempted the XML hack - didn't work, either with the one you suggested or the simpler one from F1 2012. LEDs no workey. Now attempting the spoof exe name trick with FanLEDs...
  5. Synergist

    Second Screen Option in Online Races

    It'd be a *very* useful addition to the game to be able to do demorecs. It'd make it child's play to submit evidence of suspected online cheating (never mind the game video opportunities...)
  6. Synergist

    Can we get working rev indicators? (G27 etc)

    Top work. Wonder why they didn't enable as default... It shouldn't break any wheels which *don't* have LEDs, should it?
  7. Synergist

    Can we get working rev indicators? (G27 etc)

    You beaut! One to try when I get home... I wonder why LEDs work natively in F1 games and don't work in GRID? FanaLEDs devs have anything to say about this?
  8. I'll check driver version when I get back home. Sucks if this is what's causing the problem, but have you tried single monitor play without VSync?
  9. Glad it's not just me! I swore when I saw the target times! (I used to DD a *lot* in GRID2 and had a near-perfect technique... Slow in slow out ;))
  10. It's difficult to see, but the majority of those spins in the video were due to the car I'd passed clipping me because they were rigidly following the racing line and not adjusting at all to give me a car's width. That's a standard racing technique, watch any iRacing (or IRL) oval video on YouTube for examples. In cases where I'd overtake around the last part of a turn, the AI should be clever enough to have realised I had the position and yielded it to me. In real life the passed individual would ease off the gas and allow the car through if they had no chance of defending, overtaking in F1 is a great example. Even the lightest of touches will spin you out (the most realistic part), give it a go. he video was more to make the point that they're so SLOW, unnecessarily so, which makes their lack of intelligence (heh) worse. Note the Benny Hill comedy music. ;) FWIW I already noted that a couple of the 'incidents' were due to me divebombing up the inside -- out of frustration! And it shows how weird the AI cars behave (and handle) if you do hit them. If you want a very competitive time, you must clear the pack by T2, and it's almost impossible... They drive around like a pack of Google self-driving cars - always the same gaps between them, and very, very slowly.
  11. http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/cockpit-cam-no-blur.89248/#post-1755875 is where you'll find it... Hi Synergist, good racing the other night, nice to meet you. Can this mod be used online or are all mods for offline only? Hi! Yeah, was great fun the other night -- must do it again! I'm more familiar with handling of some of these wagons now but still got a lot to unlearn about their handling, especially the ones previously from GRID2! Tweaked my G27 setup too and it feels much better. Up for more racing this week with my friends if you're interested. You guys are fast - and hilarious ;-) Not tried the no-blur cockpit mod myself yet, but I don't think Codies are too fussed about camera mods so it should work fine online. They may well just validate stuff like car physics properties; it's a question for Loore and I doubt he's going to willingly divulge whatever anti-cheat mechanisms they use ;-)
  12. So engine rev indicator LEDs don't work on my G27 with GAS. I'm changing gear by engine sound, but visual indicators are great and enhance the realism. Even FanaLEDs won't give me anything with GAS, which is disappointing. @Codies, what did you alter in the EGO engine that broke it? They've worked fine for me in the F1 games... Or was it a deliberate choice not to include?
  13. OH MY, that epic cut and super wide line at Spa bus stop chicane, I'd forgotten that! :-D It looks so antiquated now, but it was so much fun.
  14. I *did* have the FFB problem with F1 2012 on my new PC (i7 4770k, GTX770) where it would go from zero FFB to full lock in one direction, then zero, then full lock in the other direction. I read many things online, most of which seemed to indicate that the game engine couldn't cope with excessive bursts in framerate (or somesuch similar) and the only solution was to force VSync. Surprise surprise, with VSync on, FFB works perfectly in 2012. With my G27 and identical driver version on my old machine, it didn't do anything like this... There's a separate issue of it not remembering the lock-lock degrees setting (you have to alt+enter out, go into Profiler, nudge the slider and go back in) then it works perfectly. The one thing in common is Codies' FFB code as I similarly have other racing games (AC, RACE 07 etc) and none of them have any problems with FFB whatsoever. Regrettably I don't think we'll get a conclusive fix for this.
  15. Synergist

    Crash to desktop on load, any solution?

    Hi Loore, thanks for your comments way back. Wanted to update you to let you know that after trying many things, a full deletion and reinstallation of GRID2 from Steam seems to have solved the problem. Bizarre, because an integrity check didn't reveal any corrupt files... The VSync tip did let me resolve a screen tearing issue though, which was a bonus.