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  1. Depends on the country you're in (and how many cars there are on the track...) urgaffel   The smoke/dust looks greatly improved.  Since Youtube kill stuff with compression, I cannot tell for sure, but it looks like there are new particle effects for gravel and dirt thrown from tires too? Sorry, yes I was thinking of the land rush and Rally cross when I said multiple cars. particle effects have been updated so yes, they should look different ;) Loooong dust trails after a car looks awesome ;) I had a wow moment on PSVR recently, doing the weekly in Greece
  2. "Gravel" and what they show is "Sand" :astonished: And will probably release it just before Dirt4, not falling for that again
  3. I have the clutch pedal set up for the hand brake, it sounds a bit odd but works really well.
  4. @JZStudios After 5 years they either need replacing or returning to the manufacturer for an inspection and you get a 2 year extension. I would imagine there are lots of seats gathering dust as they can no longer be used in competition. Mine came from a friends rallycar.   Steve
  5. Done-o! @enginebuild  That's an awesome setup - thank you for your 4x support That's completely unnecessary! Who needs a full form carbon/fiberglas/kevlar bucket seat for sim racing? And no I'm just saying it out of jealousy... just for curiosity where do you guys get those? Exactly. Off-topic. Wow... this still going? I thought it was "dead" http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=772533407 Heehee, the thing I like is it's presumably a smaller group than the Kunos team, but they have full daytime transitions, better smoke, and HEADLIGHTS. I can't
  6. @KickUp Thank you, got a copy. Wow it really is fantastic, brilliant job by you and your team. Definitely continue to support this. Hoping to see the VR logo on Dirt 4 too. picture of my collection, sorry I cannot seem to add the picture. https://flic.kr/p/S4gBxC
  7. If you are in the UK then Argos is the place to go. As for elsewhere I think its going to have to be Digital. Thank you for the reply. I will take a walk up at lunch tomorrow This will be my 3rd copy of Dirt Rally, really looking forward to the PSVR version. Steve
  8. Hi, Could anyone tell me the best place to find a retail copy of Dirt Rally PSVR? I understand it is DLC but would prefer a physical copy.  Nobody seems to to be aware of it? Thank you, Steve
  9. OK Thanks. I bought the T300 Servo December 2016 and it has the latest firmware, my guess is it isn't fixed as I can definitely feel its not as good. I don't usually notice small changes but it was in the back of my mind something was wrong.
  10. OK, this comment has me thinking? I just swapped from Xbox to PS4 and thought the ffb used to be better? TX to T300. Is the PS4 FFB inferior? Thanks, Steve
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