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  1. I’m playing on ps5 🙃
  2. I remember watching videos of the F1 2020 preview build last year and noting they had finally gotten rid of the generic “F1 2020” track signage. They also had the “When You Drive Never Drink” signage which looked really cool and authentic. Cut to the release of F1 2020 though, and that signage was nowhere to be seen and the generic “F1 2020” signage was back too. This is also the same now in F1 2021 as well. Now I understand that clearly the official alcohol brand can’t be included in the game for obvious reasons, but it appears they were trying to get around that by using the “When You D
  3. Loving the new features for F1 2017. Keep up the good work mate, you have the best companion app out there in my opinion. 
  4. I found this interesting. "We weren’t trying to rush. Going forward, I’d love to cycle teams in a similar way to Call of Duty. That’s going to enable us to get more into a product. " Seems Paul doesn't mind the idea of having multiple developers of F1 games?
  5. This new article on the F1 website: Not really any new information, but it does detail minor things like how cockpit cam has been reworked and how every car has its own steering wheel. http://www.formula1.com/content/fom-website/en/latest/features/2015/5/f1-2015---ten-reasons-for-gamers-to-get-excited.html And it also adds more info regarding the single player modes. Career Modes: "Combined with the above, gamers can now pick any driver from the current field (Marussia pair Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi will be available after the first live patch) and compete with them over a full world cha
  6. 1) Tyre wear is always on, there is no way of switching it on or off.                                                                                                                                2) Damage levels can be changed by going into the "difficulty level" option when se
  7. Most likely not I'm afraid. We'll have to wait for official confirmation but as it stands, no Logitech wheels are compatible with any PS4 titles. 
  8. 3 key facts from that Dutch preview mentioned by Mitchell7x 1) Starting procedure seems to be very different. 2) Much improved damage  3) Pitstops still automatic  This is translation of part of the interview. (It's not perfect- blame Google translate), but you can still get the jist of what is being said. "Not only from a graphic point we can expect a clear progress, the physics and damage model were thoroughly taken care of. The latter is improved in accordance with Code Masters in many respects. The level of damage can as usual be adjusted depending on the skill of the player, r
  9. I'm absolutely blown away at just how good the graphics look. 
  10. A breakdown of the wheels available: 1) I'd stay away from any non FFB wheel such as the Thrustmaster T80 and the 458 Spider on Xbox One. 2) In terms of the T300 (PS4) vs TX (XONE) wheel, they are closely matched but the T300 has the edge in the degrees of rotation and the actual rim itself. The TX rim is quite cheap feeling and made of plastic compared to the metal T300 rim. Remember that all Thrustmaster sets are upgradeable and interchangeable wih their "ecosystem", so you can get another rim for the TX wheel but that will cost more. 3) With the Mad Catz Xbox One Wheel, the FFB and
  11. Completely agree; that setup system in the MotoGP games is awesome!
  12. At this stage there isn't.  justbiglee said that sort of info will be coming in the next few weeks. I'd be amazed though if the Thrustmaster 458 TX wheel wasn't compatible- that's probably the best wheel for Xbox One at the moment. 
  13. F1 2013 is my favourite, I couldn't stop playing it. Even now that I have F1 2014, I still play '13 every once in a while. There's something about it that I love in terms of handling and it's extremely additctive. You should also be able to find '13 relatively cheap. Not sure if you're a wheel or pad user, but if you use a pad then definitely get F1 2013- '14 sucks on the pad. 
  14. Not sure about the accuracy of this, but this Australian Retailer lists release as 12th of June. Also not sure if it was originally mentioned but it also appears that online practice sessions are finally in as well.  https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/F1-2015/22641589
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