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  1. Just thought I'd share this- it was posted by Caterham on twitter. Looks a lot better! https://twitter.com/CaterhamF1/status/510703056066187264
  2. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    I found this interesting. "We weren’t trying to rush. Going forward, I’d love to cycle teams in a similar way to Call of Duty. That’s going to enable us to get more into a product. " Seems Paul doesn't mind the idea of having multiple developers of F1 games?
  3. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    This new article on the F1 website: Not really any new information, but it does detail minor things like how cockpit cam has been reworked and how every car has its own steering wheel. http://www.formula1.com/content/fom-website/en/latest/features/2015/5/f1-2015---ten-reasons-for-gamers-to-get-excited.html And it also adds more info regarding the single player modes. Career Modes: "Combined with the above, gamers can now pick any driver from the current field (Marussia pair Will Stevens and Roberto Merhi will be available after the first live patch) and compete with them over a full world championship campaign. For the most devout fans, there's also the Pro Season mode. Locked in to a full season, using the cockpit view only and with no assists or options to restart a session, it’s the ultimate test of skill and concentration - and the closest thing to a true Grand Prix weekend." 
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    1) Tyre wear is always on, there is no way of switching it on or off.                                                                                                                                2) Damage levels can be changed by going into the "difficulty level" option when setting up an event, and in career mode it can be changed by going into the "difficulty level" option which is accessed through the settings tab in the main career hub. 1) L'usure des pneus est toujours, il n'y a pas moyen de le mettre en marche ou non. 2) les niveaux de dommages peuvent être modifiés par l'entrée dans l'option "niveau de difficulté" lors de la création d'un événement, et en mode carrière, il peut être modifié en allant dans l'option "niveau de difficulté" qui est accessible par l'onglet Paramètres dans la carrière principale moyeu.
  5. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    Most likely not I'm afraid. We'll have to wait for official confirmation but as it stands, no Logitech wheels are compatible with any PS4 titles. 
  6. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    3 key facts from that Dutch preview mentioned by Mitchell7x 1) Starting procedure seems to be very different. 2) Much improved damage  3) Pitstops still automatic  This is translation of part of the interview. (It's not perfect- blame Google translate), but you can still get the jist of what is being said. "Not only from a graphic point we can expect a clear progress, the physics and damage model were thoroughly taken care of. The latter is improved in accordance with Code Masters in many respects. The level of damage can as usual be adjusted depending on the skill of the player, ranging from zero to super sensitive. The last setting will be a lot more caution than requiring "full damage" setting at the previous F1 games where you had to rock pretty hard into the wall to drive your car in the destruction. The Pro Season mode is the default setting for most severe damage. Here the slightest touch can all cause damage to your car. "Can", because as we have seen this season in Formula 1 itself will remain certain collisions surprisingly harmless." "A novelty is that the starting procedure in the new game to be set manually. In addition, the player can choose whether he will be the car in neutral, then put it in first gear at the start. Jumpstarts and the associated penalties will also be part of the regulations in F1 2015. Pitstops remain happen automatically from the moment the pit speed limiter comes into force."
  7. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    I'm absolutely blown away at just how good the graphics look. 
  8. A breakdown of the wheels available: 1) I'd stay away from any non FFB wheel such as the Thrustmaster T80 and the 458 Spider on Xbox One. 2) In terms of the T300 (PS4) vs TX (XONE) wheel, they are closely matched but the T300 has the edge in the degrees of rotation and the actual rim itself. The TX rim is quite cheap feeling and made of plastic compared to the metal T300 rim. Remember that all Thrustmaster sets are upgradeable and interchangeable wih their "ecosystem", so you can get another rim for the TX wheel but that will cost more. 3) With the Mad Catz Xbox One Wheel, the FFB and Helical gear system doesn't compare to the Thrusmaster brushless motor, belt driven wheels. 4) Old Fanatec wheels whilst being compatible with PS4 simply do not compare to the newer Thrustmaster Wheels. The new Fanatec offering will cost over $1000. 5) There is also the Thrustmaster T500 which is PS4 compatible but is a bit more expensive. The main differences here are the pedal set it comes with which is better than the T300 set as well as a bigger rim and static paddle shifters. 6) For PS4/PC your best bet is the T300 (RS or GTE version) and for Xbox One it is probably the TX wheel. As stated previously you can also upgrade pedals and rims with the Thrustmaster "ecosystem".
  9. Chilza381

    My god... how did I ever play this game?

    Completely agree; that setup system in the MotoGP games is awesome!
  10. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    At this stage there isn't.  justbiglee said that sort of info will be coming in the next few weeks. I'd be amazed though if the Thrustmaster 458 TX wheel wasn't compatible- that's probably the best wheel for Xbox One at the moment. 
  11. Chilza381

    is f1 2013 worth buying on ps3

    F1 2013 is my favourite, I couldn't stop playing it. Even now that I have F1 2014, I still play '13 every once in a while. There's something about it that I love in terms of handling and it's extremely additctive. You should also be able to find '13 relatively cheap. Not sure if you're a wheel or pad user, but if you use a pad then definitely get F1 2013- '14 sucks on the pad. 
  12. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    Not sure about the accuracy of this, but this Australian Retailer lists release as 12th of June. Also not sure if it was originally mentioned but it also appears that online practice sessions are finally in as well.  https://www.mightyape.com.au/product/F1-2015/22641589
  13. Chilza381

    Announcing F1 2015

    Sounds and looks amazing guys!! I was getting seriously worried with the lack of improvements from the past few titles and staff leaving etc... but this announcement has my faith restored in you guys. This is the most pumped I've been for an F1 game since 2010 was announced. The number and extent of the improvements seems vast and I hope you guys deliver the game you are capable of. 
  14. Unfortunately it's not currently compatible with PS4 and it's highly unlikely it ever will be. Find out more about wheels and next gen consoles here: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-11-05-whats-the-deal-with-ps4-and-xbox-one-steering-wheels If you want a PS4 compatible wheel, the Thrustmaster T300 is probably your best option and according to Thrustmaster's website it's compatible with F1 2015. http://ts.thrustmaster.com/eng/index.php?pg=view_files&gid=3&fid=15&pid=375&cid=12
  15. Chilza381

    ERS ?????

    . In real life ERS is programmed to deploy automatically on certain sections of the track, but this can be overridden if necessary by using the "overtake button". The "overtake button" doesn't feature in the game however so all the effects of ERS are automatic in the game.
  16. Chilza381

    Pit stops problem in Australia

    I managed to do a 2 stop option-prime-option strategy quite easily in my career race. As Wynterdust said, those laps to pit are guidelines. I pitted on lap 9 and 20 and got to the end with tyre life to spare.
  17. Chilza381

    It's in the bin!!!!

    Well hopefully now you can stop creating a million threads complaining that the game is too hard.
  18. Chilza381

    Here's an example!

    I understood what you were saying in your other thread about this, but there's no need to create this thread. The reason he can race so well is because he's had a lot of practice now, and he's one of the best racers out there. You just need to practice and be smooth with your throttle modulation. Sometimes it takes an eternity to get to full power- especially in the wet because there is so much wheel spin, but with this years turbocharged engines, you need to be patient and precise to be quick. Also car setup and as Understeer 79 said, equipment setup, does impact things as well. If you use a Logitech DFGT, those pedals will get you nowhere. There's not enough travel in them to be precise. The G27 which is what I have, has decent pedals, but they're nowhere near the best you can get. As I said in the other thread, LEGEND IS SUPPOSED TO BE HARD- it's supposed to be for the best racers. On Youtube there are heaps of guys who have the skills to race on legend competively. There's no point complaining that it's too hard- because for others who are actually up to the challenge, it's not and in fact there will be people arguing that the legend AI is too slow. Use expert or professional if it's too difficult because obviously legend is not for you. I can understand people complaining about Easy difficulty being hard, like in F1 2013, because it's supposed to be easy- but it makes absolutely no sense to complain about a difficulty being hard, when it's supposed to be hard.
  19. Chilza381

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    That's why you are doing well, with a pad!! I use a wheel with no assists and it's impossible to keep up with the legend AI!! It's like to different games it seems from pad to wheel!! That's the point of legend AI, it's supposed to be tough. Like I said before I'm a wheel user and have found legend AI to be very easy on many occasions, however I do think that the AI is quite inconsistent as they are much faster at some tracks than at others. Maybe the tracks where you've found it difficult is where the AI is best. If you find it too hard just put it down to expert.
  20. Chilza381

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    Using a pad or wheel? Wheel- G27 with no assists
  21. Chilza381

    2014 is shite...

    Get a wheel and it's a completely different experience. The handling model is tough to master.
  22. Chilza381

    The legend AI are too fast!!!

    No way is the legend AI too fast. I just won in a Williams by 30 seconds in a 25% race at Austria with legend AI. If anything they are too slow.
  23. Chilza381

    DRS not working in practice *sometimes*

    If there's an X on the DRS display, it usually means it's failed. Strange though that the engineer didn't say anything.
  24. Chilza381

    PIT STOP is too long

    I've noticed though that the timer starts slightly before the car is completely stationary. The pit stop time in real life is a measure of how long the car is stationary. If the timer actually started when the car came to a stop in the game, the pit stop time would be a bit quicker, but still not as quick as real life. I doubt they'll patch it.