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  1. When creating a Club Championship is it possible to include more than one class and how do the results etc get done.
  2. When entering a club championship, if there is more than one class, is it possible to run in more than one class/car. Of course this is not possible real life but.
  3. klwalt

    Pacenote editor

    Can you edit the in game pace notes with Dirty Pacenotes
  4. klwalt

    Start failure

    Have sorted problem, was hardware issue not completely letting button release.
  5. klwalt

    Start failure

    I am competing in several Dirt Rally2 Club championships and have experienced intermittent problems with DR2. I can be sitting on the Start Line with the car in Launch mode, revving the car, the timer is counting down everything normal but when I release the handbrake ( launch control) nothing happens. The car does not leave the line. You can still rev the car change gear and the counter is now timing but can't go anywhere. Its almost like there is a failure in the car's driveline. The result is you get DSQ or retired. Of course, there is no way to retry. The only way out appears to close the game/ computer and reload but that does not help with the Rally you are trying to do. As this problem is intermittent I have not been able to reproduce it to see where the issue might be coming from. I would like to uninstall the game and reinstall it. I did get the DR2 from Steam should I try them..
  6. klwalt

    No start

    Having an issue at the start line. Sitting on Start Line in launch control , all fine. When releasing launch control car does not leave the start. The stage timer starts, the throttle etc is working. It is almost as the car has had drive shaft failures. Have tried restarting the game and rebooting the computer. Had some success and it may go for sometime before it fails again. Any thoughts. The game is DR2 running on windows 10 PC. AMD Athlon II x 4core 64 bit 3.00GHz, with Nividia GeForce GTX 1050Ti video card, 8GBs of ram, 1 TB HHD. Any ideas,
  7. klwalt

    Handbrake binding

    I am trying to run DR2 on PC Win10, Running DR2 through Steam. The problem I am having is trying to bind the Handbrake to button 1 on the gear stick controller. It keeps assigning button 19 rather than 1. My handbrake is a DIY system that pushes on to button 1. This system works fine on DirtRally.