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  1. Yeah think more people are more interested in the next gen f1 if most people moved or have pcs since 2014 doesn't look much different to 2013 but the cars 
  2. So we all know ow f1 2014 is coming out but as well they said we'll here some news on the next gen f1 game after 2014 is out but how long after do you think it will be? I think end of October/start of November time well hopefully. What do you guys think? 
  3. Yeah all them things was great dont know why they stopped all that. Would love to see it back one day but i dont think we will :(
  4. Yeah i know just think what changed about it all though think most people liked them dev diary's 
  5. Was a bit bored and looked up the dev diary's from 2010 then started to think why did that all stop? Game announcement at start of year all them updates talking about it going to e3 and all that? But now nothing announcements at end of july and no dec diary's they was so cool! Maybe they should do it for next gen f1 would be nice to start that again? What are your thoughts guys?
  6. yeah I thought this was to ask Steve hood that's why I wrote it? My bad might have miss read it. Yeah hope to see some game play or news end of October/start of November I think? 
  7. How will you work on the handling and everything on f1 for next gen? An will we hear/see anything of it before the year Is over? 
  8. Yeah I don't think that they will bring it out September time that what it more or less now?  I think it will be 4/5 races into it before we see the game hit stores hopefully it is early in the season like they said
  9. Think I'll just play project cars till f1 or forza horizon 2 ;) 
  10. Yeah at first I was like the f*ck? But then after a few hours thinking about it thought it was the best idea they could do! Will make the game so much better plus will only just be getting bored of the games I'm getting at end of the year! Think it's the best just a bit saddened this will be the first f1 game I won't buy cos of my old xbox dying :( hopefully won't be too long after? Plus they say it's a while new game so that's good! 
  11. Yeah that's only thing I'm worried about why they won't say the name I asked Luke spring earlier and he said f1 2015 name hasn't been confirmed so don't get what this is all about to be honest just hope it's a good game and it comes out at the start of the season like they said! Hopefully march/April like 4 races in to it be good? 
  12. I think codemasters made the right choice to not make f1 2014 on the xbox one/ps4 means the first game on them will be the best possible thing they could do like f1 2009 was on psp /wii then look at f1 2010 was the best f1 game they have made I think? Just hoping they get it right with f1 2015 even though it's not the name of the game they keep saying witch is odd just hope it comes out March /April time just sad I'll be missing this year's f1 game due to my xbox 360 dying out on my but just can't wait for news on it! Bring on early next year! What do you guys think of there choice? 
  13. I think that they will develop the 2015 next gen game with 2014 cars. Then when the 2015 cars they will model the cars and insert them. Then after the first few races I presume that they will finalise any changes and do game checks etc before realising it around Silverstone time. I know that is like halfway through the season, but they keep saying "soon, soon" for any news so I guess they will have a big Silverstone release where people can play the game at the circuit. Or release the game as 2014/15 since "f1 2015" isn't name of the game with they keep saying. So could be release the game
  14. what do you guys think the big changes will be for f1 2015 for next gen? I think it will feel completely different to f1 2013/2014 the graphics will look amazing! Just hope they stick to there words with there cooking up a storm for next gen? I think it's a better move to build the game better like f1 2009 was on wii and psp  then 2010 that won them awards that was the best game for me! Just hope they release it like March, April 
  15. would imagine that's how they'll do it given they won't be changing that much given the big changes this year. Yeah hopefully hear something on the 2015 game before end of this year 
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