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  1. After many weeks of waiting.......and waiting......it finally arrived and so far so good. Fingers crossed this time. Thank you for the update on Xbox 360, Codemasters.
  2. Is it too much to ask for a game you pay nearly £40 for to work. I think not.
  3. If you look properly I've not demanded anything. I asked a question a week ago .........Am I in the correct place......a forum .
  4. If soon is information to you.....I wish you all the best.
  5. Very well, thanks would you like the number? It's rather busy !
  6. Funnily enough I've already spoken to Microsoft.....thanks for the advice. Sigh
  7. Get a refund and spend it  on something that actually works properly.
  8. So it was untrue for code masters to say it was with Microsoft and Sony last week....if it had only been passed to them today as per your message may suggest although even that is a little vague. THIEVES 
  9. Loore is that the best explanation you can give..........I've asked the question when did the patch get passed to  Microsoft and Sony, yet you are unable to clarify this. Soon. Winter is soon. What a shocking state of affair
  10. When was the patch passed to Microsoft  Loore? Surely you can answer that question.
  11. Can anyone from CM comment  on the GridAuto-sport  fix. You owe it to all the people that have been effected by an unfinished game and poor support. What a shocking state of affairs.
  12. Yawn Yawn another week goes by and still no information from Disaster-master about when this elusive fix is coming. Soon they say.......soon.
  13. Save data is corrupt. Xbox.  Good to hear yours works well.
  14. A game that doesn't work properly. Grid Autosport.
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