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  1. oscarhmj

    Corrupt Save File / Console Patches

    they were not 2 games there were f1 2010 f12011 dirt showdown grid2 grid autosport f1 2012 + f1 2013 i dont know day 43 Day 43 and counting...
  2. oscarhmj

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    I contacted SONY to report what was going on and to ask for a full refund to what they told me they would come back to me within 7 business days with an answer... Surprisingly (or not) I just got an email from SONY and I will get full refund just need to wait for the credit to show in my wallet (I purchased the digital version of the game from the PSN store)... I'll keep you updated... If Codemasters ever release the PS3 patch correcting the save file corruption problem and I hear from you guys that it really effectively works, then (and only then) I will consider coming back...
  3. oscarhmj

    Corrupt Save: Could CM please Comment?

    @Loore‌ Please reply: http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/1319/corrupt-save-files-fix-incoming/p19 Thanks and regards...
  4. oscarhmj

    Corrupt Save Files - Fix Incoming!

    @Loore Unfortunately I got corrupted save file message today twice while trying to play GRID Autosport on my PS3 system... First time I was able to copy an earlier PS3 save file to my system (I always back up GRID save files since the issues and headaches in the past), start the game and continue my offline career... Upon logging off, I made a back up again and shut the system off... Just now I tried to play it again but this time no luck... What would be the course of action from here? 1) Can I email my PS3 save file to you so you can fix it?  2) Should I wait for the fix? and Is the patch coming out anytime soon? 3) Can I have a refund for my PSN digital version of the game and how do I proceed? 4) Should I ever consider purchasing GRID games again? I hope to hear from you soon... Thanks and regards...