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  1. You're quite right, the Escort Mk2 in DR1 was a Frankenstein hybrid build with IRS for Ken Block and I think DJM Motorsport did one for Colin McRae, not even close to a proper works group 4 car. The Mk2 in DR2 is very close indeed and just needs some tweaking on the sound and minor details to get this most iconic of cars spot on.
  2. Firstly, it must be said, the Escort Mk2 in DR2 is a huge improvement on previous models but sadly, the awesome BDA / BDG engine sound on Weber's is not there so I invite the Sound FX Codies to re-visit or re-mix the existing recording until its spot on, I understand it was recorded from a 78 BDG ex works car on Weber's owned by Alan Walker at SVP Motorsports but something has gone wrong somewhere, its just not right. I did PM the cmsoundfx guys Dave & Chris some time ago about this and got a positive reply actually agreeing with me but, unfortunately, it seems nothing was done which is a
  3. Yes it is now. And it’s got new audio too :D This is most excellent news indeed. Can you confirm they got rid of the IRS and replaced with a single leaf live Atlas 4 link system ?
  4. "most iconic" is highly subjective. (And probably dependent on age)  I don't find the Escort 'most iconic' at all... it's a often used car from that era but overall not more important than the Stratos or Quattro or Mini or RS200.  To me, the most iconic rally car would be the '99 Impreza, but it's subjective. "It's just like... your opinion, man." An excerpt from Graham Robson's great book on the RS1800.  Says it all really ! "Escort RS1800 (Escort Mk II) : This is a Rally Giant because it was consistently the fastest, the most successful and the most versatile car in t
  5. Let the existing Escort Mk2 keep its place in the list, just give a makeover so we get an authentic period works / Sutton Car with BDG on Webers, how much work can it be ?
  6. I see two Ford Focus RS Rally in the list, nice cars but do we really need two ?  One could make way for the RS1800, the most iconic rally car of all time that rightly deserves its place in D4.
  7. The lack of Toyota in this list is disturbing Not as disturbing as the roof scoop and carbon fibre bonnet on the historic Escort Mk2.  For now I'm gonna sit back and wait for @Busterbvi to comment :wink: Ha, missed your post Scousestig !  I find the whole Frankenstein hybrid Mk2 very disturbing, what's more disturbing is that they appear to be doing nothing about this travesty.   Nice to see the Manta 400 in Andrews livery though. Perhaps Codies will consider doing Russel Brooks works RS1800 in Andrews Heat for Hire livery and invite Andrews to spons
  8. Not seen the set up screen yet but in the real life motorsport world we refer to the toe setting as in or out. Its the camber angle that is negative or positive. A typical set up for most cars would be about 1 degree toe in to compensate for the force on the leading side of the wheels  pushing the toe to zero as the car powers forward. The settings differ slightly for FWD and RWD. This also applies to your normal road car. Also known as tracking. The camber setting on most racing or rally cars is about 1 or 2 degrees negative but it does vary a bit on different systems.
  9. Virtually none. Only a couple of Mk2 Escort experience days. Its why I went down the co driving path so that I could experience more of the sport without requiring the skill of the driver. I'll be taking my BARS course soon though so I'll have some kind of permission to compete. The DiRT 3 Impreza livery has gone now. Hope the Mk2 Escort experience rubbed off on you !  ;)  @KickUp
  10. Ooh! Wales: beautiful flowing stages. And Escort BDAs! Yep, agreed, it really doesn't get any better than that, Those Escorts with BDA / BDG ..... pure heavenly music, greatet rally car ever, still kicking arse !
  11.   Ah yes, just think, you can put the balaclava on backwards and pretend your'e driving at night !  :*
  12. Was covered by someone else.  They wont be selectable, but will be on the car depending on day or night stage That's a real shame, hope Codies will re-consider this. @KickUp ?
  13. @KickUp I did ask before but maybe overlooked. Is it possible to give us the option of having the cars spot lights fitted in daylight ? Rally cars look so much more complete with them fitted.
  14. The tile system is actually nothing new, it's been around in the flight simulation world for rendering photo real scenery for years and works beautifully & seamless. If the D4 system is anything like the systems available for FSX or P3D then we are in for a treat.
  15. A blast from the past, did it 78 /79 in my Mexico, DNF both events !! Cjl9 did you see my post a few pages back ?  I posted links to the Vatanen Rothmans Escort livery amongst others for you.
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