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  1. orzeszek1983

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Server Connectivity Issues

    I'm on ps4 here. Can't connect to effing race net. Can't play even custom free play championship in single player because nothing gets saved. Are devs that thick they don't learn from other games failures? Linking single player activities to online is dumb beyond any reason. Ffffffffffffffffff
  2. orzeszek1983

    Next patch?

    Oh that's great! Any idea what 4G patch brought to the table?
  3. orzeszek1983

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Leagues

    Agreed! The fact that it is not here yet is....weird to say the least
  4. orzeszek1983

    Next patch?

    Hi everyone! I'm a bit confused by recent information from codies on the loading screen. Yesterday my console downloaded over 4G update. When I started the game I received notification that from 11pm I might experience racenet issues since he update 1.06 will be going live. I can't see Sweden in game today, I can't find any patch notes anywhere .. Am I going mad? Did I only dream about this? :( Any idea?